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Email marketing has a questionable reputation as a result of the messages you receive in your mailbox without wanting to. But you also receive interesting content that you want to read: For example blogposts about things that you find interesting, or offers on products you actually use. Newsletters have hit the goal when you find yourself clicking links, like you most likely have done. What kind of newsletters have worked for you in the past? What is the reason why email marketing has worked and what is the reason behind when it hasn’t?

The popularity of email marketing has (suprisingly) increased. Quality email marketing is an efficient way to reach your target group but when it fails it can easily turn against itself. When you do email marketing, take care that your messages are targeted to speak to the receiving end. Here are 8 tips for succesful email marketing:



Send your emails at a time when the receiver has time to open the message. The right timing can make a huge difference in the open- and click-through-rates. You can find the right time for your target group by testing different times and measuring the results of your messages.

In B2B-marketing most companies send email marketing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when most of us are at the office. As a result this causes that most of the newsletters are sent on weekdays. So here is an opportunity to do something different: What if you would send your newsletter on a Friday or even on a Sunday?



Build emails that urge the receiver to react. Newsletter that bring in results have a CTA (call-to-action) in them. What is the goal of your newsletter? Build your newsletters and the CTA’s based on your goal.

Avoid conditional and use verbs that tell the reader what to do: Download, watch, read, get to know and so on. Forget about capslock and exlamation point, because no one want to BE YELLED AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Design is not as important, as the content itself but it does help your newsletter to stand out in the jungle on email marketing. What kind of design that looks like your brand your newsletters could stand out from the groud? You can use colours, whitespace and imagination in yout desing.



Everything to everyone doesn’t work. Share content that works for your target group. Pleasing the outsiders of target group doesn’t mean anything.

Emails that the receiver finds useless, are being marked as read or worst case scenarias trash.These will worsen the reputation of your domain,which will make it more difficult to reach your newsletter subscribers.

If the open rates of your messages are low, find out the reason why immediately and make changes, to get the open rates up. If you mailing lists with low open- and click-through-rates, stop sending messages to them.

Carefully targeted email marketing gets better open- and click-through-rates and it’s clear as day that it gets better results. Targeting newsletters with the help of demographic information might already be used in many companies but what about targeting based on the actions person does? This is where marketing automation steps in the picture.



Title has a big impact on the fact if the email will be openedo r not. Read outloud the title before sending the message. Would you open the message with the title you gave it? 

a. Emojies

With the help of emojies you can these days form whole sentences. Emojies also work well in the titeling of email marketing. Even one emiji can help you stand out from the groud and spice up the black and white.

b. Questions

Questions work well as titels of emails. What kind of questions are relevant to your target group? If the question sinks in, who can not find out about more about the subject?

c. Number of characters

If your title is too long, it won’t show in all devices, like on mobile. Most of the emails are been read in mobile these days, so keep your title on max 50 characters. No one wants to read a too long title which leads to your messages marked as read. One research says that best titles are 5 and 3 word titles. Make it short and clear!

d. Numbers

Numbers help you stand out in email marketing. They bring the feeling of concrete facts and are easy to understand. Like in blogpost titlesin email marketing numbers work well.

e. Clarity

We all scan our emails through quite fastly. So don’t form a too complicated title to your message. Short and clear works in a title much better than difficult and fancy words.

f. Testing

Trying different things, you’ll learn what works best for your audience. Test different variations in your titles.

You van also A/B test your titles: Send the same message to the same target group at the same time divided in two groups. Put different titles in both group. This way you get a understanding on what works best for your target group.



Make your email marketing receiver feel special and personalize your newsletters by at least usin the persons firstname. Stay simple and only use information like firstname, lastname or company where he or she works at.

Don’t send messages from ”noreply” address, instead personalize the address. We for example use address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as our address in the newsletter. Send your messages from an address where the person can also reply. You can also personalize your messages by writing content as you would be writing it to your best friend.



Serve your customer truly good and interesting content. This is an obvious point, but it should always be kept in mind when doing email marketing.

Good contents speak to the receiver. Don’t only inform about your company’s products or update about your current situation because your customers are not interested on these things. Send content that gives your receiver value. Put on your customers shoes and think about what kind of content would be useful for him or her.

Newsletters are a great way to communicate and usually this is the idea behind email marketing.



Why do you do email marketing? Email marketing should be goal oriented, long term process. Goals also make the measuring possible and this way help with the constant developing.

Every company’s audience and marketing register are different, so the secret behind effective email marketing is testing. Trying different options you can find the best way for you to succeed in email marketing. By following the results you’ll learn to know your target group better. What kind of content, title, timing, desing and so on works best for your audience?

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