Account Insurance

Account Insurance

Once customer data is scattered and the contacts are in sales staff’s private files, there is a huge risk that you will lose a part of your future business with deleted e-mails, post-it notes and people who leave your organization. The business possibilities can disappear overnight when there is no information about the customer's situation. In ERP and spreadsheets you will possibly find agreed delivery amounts and billing addresses, but no information about what was agreed on last week.

What has been agreed with whom? What did you talk about last time with your customer? How to continue? Your important contacts will disappear as fast as a salesperson from your organization.

When the right tools for storing of information are in use, the customer data will move easily into use of the company regardless of who has gathered the information. You stay up-to-date on what has been agreed with the customer, who made the decisions and what will happen next.

Manage the risks and have your company control the customer data, just as it should. Vineyard Account Insurance starting from 85 per month. Contact us for a 15-minute online introduction or ask us to come by! 




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Unique way to use frees you to use and browse customer data totally new way.




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