Back to the future: thoughts on your customers

We found our old print ad from circa 2000. “Thoughts on your customers, current and prospective” –notebook demonstrates research on customer relationship management from fifteen years ago.

The thoughts contained in the notebook show that no matter how much technology advances, some things never change. Customers are still the prerequisite for any business, all customers should still not be treated in the same way and retaining current customers is still considerably cheaper than acquiring new customers.

However, something seems to have changed over the years; the understanding of the letters CRM. At the beginning of the century CRM was perceived as exactly what the letters refer to: customer relationship management. Unfortunately, its feels like the meaning of those three letters has dimmed with time and nowadays CRM almost without exception reminds people only of software, not of a way of thinking and working.

We want to share these old CRM wisdoms with you and recall the original meaning of CRM. So that all of us might once in a while remember to return back to basics and think about how we could serve our customers even better.


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