Boost B2B sales with technology

The sales technology solutions and their fast development can frighten even the bravest of us sales people. I feel like us sellers blasting through in the digital jungle are in a lucky position, because different technological solutions back us up in every situation. The technology doesn’t do sales for anyone but definitely helps us to reach better results.


Threat or opportunity?

Technology keeps developing in a wild speed and it has affected the sales work a lot. You probably have seen a lot of headlines like: ”Technology takes our jobs”, “These professions are in danger to disappear” or “No occupation is safe from robotism”. It’s good to keep in mind that technology will not delete the sales work, it will just change it. Decreasing number of face-to-face encounters has made us value genuine encounters more, day by day.

”This is how we have always done and this is what we will be doing in the future”-attitude will not be working in the future, if you want to keep up with the others. Now is the time to welcome all new ideas and be brave to try new things.

Like with everything else new and frightening, the thing is to be open and brave. Instead of avoiding new technological solutions you should grab technology’s hand and see its possibilities in developing sales work also. With the help of technology you can support the sales process from prospecting to customer relationship management.


How to find THE right one?

Competition has increased regardless from the field of work along with globalisation. Standing out is even more difficult and this way also finding new customers and building long lasting relationships. There are many options but where to find the potential matches? Staying home waiting for the right one to knock on the door isn’t enough. There are different prospecting and lead producting tools on the markets for sales organisations.

Technology has made the finding potential customers way easier. Phone books and cold calling are history. Now the phone book has changed into different prospecting tools that allow you to limit your search with different filters. Tinder users know the concept but instead of dating partners it’s the search for potential clients.

Do you believe in inbound marketing? Define your target group, create interesting quality content and add marketing automation to this mix. Boom! The odds of finding the right one just got a lot higher.

Marketing automation makes the specific targeting and timing of marketing communication possible. Automation helps to identify, nurture and reach the customers at the right time. Warm leads end up straight to sales peoples gentle hands.

When contacting the lead, it’s not a blind date. The sales person knows exactly who he is calling and the person on the other side of the phone knows where is the call coming from and what it is about. The basis for a beautiful, long term relationship is pretty good right here.

Did you find marketing automation interesting? Download our guidebook to marketing automation here: 




Not enough capacity?

I had a conversation with a person who has worked in sales for over than ten years. This sales professional gave me advices about working in sales: ”At some point you just need to accept that you can’t remember every person and encounter”.

A seller does dozens of calls and encounters dozens of people every week. The fact is that a person can’t remember all of these like a robot. Whether you are a top seller or not, at some point the capacity of your memory will come to its limit. This is where technology steps up and helps.

Different systems designed for reporting and measuring, are the most important tools of a company that does active selling. Reporting, calendar, indicators – all in the same system and in realtime. There is more time left on creating quality meetings and building customer relationships.


Social selling, worth it or not?

One efficient tool of digital sales is social selling. It’s not necessarily a tool but this very efficient way of selling has born as a result of technology and the change of customers buying process.

Social selling is constant networking and presence. This very much praised new way of selling is based on building relationships and trust via different social media channels. At its best social selling brings added value to the customer and this way boosts up the sales. In the end people always buy from people and Social Selling is a great way to bring humanity to sales.


How do we continue from here?

It’s impossible to list all the technological tools that support sales. So I didn’t do that. But it is clear that there is a tool and ways to improve procedure for every company doing sales. Finding a right tool can possibly awaken similar feelings as a kind in a candy store. Or on the contrary it can feel troublesome with all the options out there. I highly recommend this first attitude here, because finding the right systems to support sales can improve the performance of the whole sales organisation and this way take the company to a new level.

Buying decision is very much based on information found online, before even meeting the sales person. Systems like marketing automation make it possible to be there for the customer in the beginning of his buying process. If you aren’t there you are unfortunately out of the competition.


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