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”Vine is a great tool to boost up marketing, especially to companies who want to be hands in working with the automation.” - Heidi Ramstedt-Otava, marketing director, CardPlus Oy.

Our customer CardPlus is Finlands largest regular customer card supplier and offers a wide varity of quality identifier solutions. Also in addition to these, CardPlus offers services, devices and softwares including with the above mentioned solutions. Company was founded in 2009 and at the moment they have 25 employees.


CardPlus started the collaboration with Vine in February 2017. Marketing director Heidi Ramstedt-Otava says that they made a conscious decision in CardPlus, that they would put more effort into marketing during the year 2017.
Behind the idea of developing their company’s marketing was the goal of growing CardPlus’s recognizability and reach more potential customers. ”Even so the concept of marketing automation was very much new and unknown, we felt that we wanted to try it”


”At Vine they used the right way of telling us what marketing automation acctually does, and how we could concretely exploit it here in CardPlus.” Because marketing automation was quite a new thing for CardPlus in early 2017, it was very important in the choosing of the service provider that they were was able to describe the solution in a clear way.

Ramstedt-Otava thinks that CardPlus doesn’t have a clear target group and a random visitor rarely wanders to their website. A big influencer in the choosing of Vine was the integrated decision-maker details from Suomen Asiakastieto. With Vine, customer has the access to a quality and real-time details from Suomen Asiakastieto decision-maker register. This way it’s easy to download the target group you want for the use of marketing ”We felt that building a quality marketing register was easily done with Vine.”

As a domestic identifying solutions supplying company, CardPlus strives to preferably work with other Finnish companies. ”With Vine, we feel like the domesticity and an effective solution come together.”
About Vine, CardPlus especially appreciates the easy use and the fact that you can see results clearly. ”You don’t have to wait for reports, all the results and analytics are easy to see with Vine.” After the introduction, building marketing automation is possible and easy to do with your own hands and there is always help on the other side of the phone if needed.


CardPlus started marketing automation with Vine’s 3 month trial package. With the trial package it’s easy to start with marketing automation. 3 month trial package is easy and basically a risk free way to boost up your companys lead production and visible results are seen in only three months. After the three months you can decide if you want to keep using our Vine solution, or not.

CardPlus felt that the introduction of Vine was easy and quite stress free. ”Learning to use Vine was guick. It’s a logical software, that doesn’t require any special knowledge from it’s user.”

Marketing director Heidi tells us that in CardPlus it’s very important to create quality content and target it to the right people.”With the help of Vine we have felt that it’s easy to create and target content and email marketing to the right groups.” They think that with the help of Vine, theri email marketing has worked the way it should and customer receive interesting and meaningful content from them.

The use of Vine hasn’t been totally problem free for CardPlus but they want to give a special thanks for Vine’s quick reacting to every problem. ”When it comes to issues with Vine, we have always got help immediately. Customer service is always ready to help.”

”After the 3 month trial package we decided to continue the collaboration with Vine. Expectations and targets about marketing automation were fullfilled and we felt like it brought clear results directly to the revenue.” The main goal of CardPlus’s marketing, to grow recognizability, was achieved with effective and targeted newsletter communicating.

Moving from trial to a constant use of marketing automation is very easy: ”After the three months with Vine the follow-on with it was so easy.” During the trial our customers learn a lot about automation and after 3 months our customers are ready to continue the use on their own – of course with the help of our customer service.
CardPlus’s Heidi Ramstedt-Otava recommends definitely Vine to others too. ”Vine is a great tool if your company is in need to boost up the marketing, especially if you want to be hands on working with the marketing automation.”



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