Vine replaced the old more rigid system

”Vine works so much better for us than our old system”

Flowrox is known to be the reliable industrial solutions provider for demanding process conditions. The 40 years of experience in flow control and elastomer technology are obvious benefits we can offer.

Flowrox started using Vine to manage their customer database and delivery information. Vine replaced the old system and works so much better for Flowrox’s needs. When business grew and became international, Flowrow needed a system, which works well globally. Vine works very well for Flowrox’s needs and is flexible system.

“For example when sales representative sees customers, he or she marks the meeting information and all the notes to Vine. We collect at same time customer feedback”.

The use of Vine is very broad at Flowrox. Vine is for example used to send newsletters, maintain customer database and collect all important information to the same place.

“The biggest benefit for us it that Vine collect all important information to the same place. Finding and analyzing imformation is easy when there is no need to look for an information from many different places. Vine’s customer service reacts fast for our questions and we always get an answer to our problems and questions. There are customer service oriented people working at Vine and they help us in many different things – sometimes even in thing which are not related to Vine at all.”

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