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”If you want to be a winner, you need to use the best tools and systems. This is the reason for us to use Vine. That’s very simple.” – Mika Eskola, CEO, TPS. 

TPS is one of the biggest sport associations in Finland. Vine solves many challenges of the TPS organization. Organization has 60 permanent employees, 120 seasonal employees and 650 partners. It has approximately 900 players, 100 supporters and 150 coaches. Sales and marketing do different operations and there is plenty of important information of the organization accrued over 20 years of time. One of the challenges of the organization was that there was a huge amount of tacit knowledge. The goal was to share all that tacit knowledge with all the employees and to make the whole organization more transparent.

TPS started using Vine with CRM system. The old customer database was rebuilt with Vine CRM and now all that tacit knowledge is shared with all the necessary people. All the important information is transparent, updated and can be found in Vine. TPS also uses Vine’s common calendars which can be synchronized with phones.

Mika Eskola, CEO of TPS, has already 10 year experience as a Vine user. He sees many new possibilities to use Vine at TPS. Vine will be used more extensively in the near future. “Once I used Vine’s competitors system and I got quickly back to using Vine. That tells a lot. Vine is simple, versatile and easy to use.” Eskola has seen Vine’s life cycle and believes that Vine brings competitive advantage for their organization.

TPS is very happy with Vine’s new address service created with Suomen Asiakastieto. Suomen Asiakastieto brings quality company and decision-maker data straight to Vine’s customers’ use. It’s the only service provider in Finland with a service, in which our customers can add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM and marketing automation. Now TPS improves its customer information with Vine’s address service. Customer database is easy to create and maintain with updated information from Suomen Asiakastieto.

“Before, when we got new customers, we needed to fill in all needed information manually one customer by one. Now all this information comes automatically. This saves so much time and effort. It also helps finding new leads. We can find the name of the company, contact information, right persons etc.”

The main reason to start using Vine was the simplicity and versatility in use. One important reason was to create customer database, which is easy to use. TPS also wanted to improve sales department’s actions. Now all the actions of sales can be found in Vine. Vine creates a base for TPS to work efficiently.

In the near future TPS will also improve its marketing with Vine marketing automation. The goal is to improve communication and generate more leads. The objective is to start using Vine at TPS more broadly and the goals are high. “We are in this business to win it. And we only use systems and partners which help us to achieve this goal.”

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