CASE: When ERP is not enough - Nordic Waterproofing Oy

Nordic Waterproofing Oy relinquished Vine CRM in connection with ownership change in 2011. They, however, faced the fact that ERP is inadequate when it comes to account management and marketing. In the spring of 2015 they returned as Vine customers.

Nordic Waterproofing Oy, an expert in roofing and waterproofing, manufactures and markets Kerabit roofing products among others in Finland and abroad. Nordic Waterproofing Oy has a history of more than hundred year and the roots in Lemminkäinen Group, from where the company was taken over by a Danish private equity investor in 2011. During its time with Lemminkäinen, Nordic Waterproofing Oy used Vine CRM like the rest of the group. Along with the ownership change came the decision to transfer solely to ERP and to manage accounts in there.

Managing customer data in ERP problematic

However, the weaknesses in ERP’s suitability to customer relationship management soon came to light. After giving up on CRM they planned and followed sales and customer activities mainly by Outlook and sales reporting was handled by monthly reporting templates that sales people manually filled in. The Sales Director Jari Väisänen, says that the biggest problem was however the lack of up-to-date customer information. Management of customer data and target groups was not specifically successful in ERP and therefore the company had to resort to a substantial amount of Excel spreadsheets, for example, to send newsletters and organize the sending of invitations to customer events. Väisänen points out that "the problem arose when all customer contact, newsletter target groups and customer event invitation lists were scattered here and there in odd spreadsheets. Maintaining and updating of target groups was difficult and their up-to dateness was not guaranteed."

One place for customer relationships and marketing

The desire to handle all customer relationship management and marketing -related data in one, shared space, was the key factor in returning to Vine. Nordic Waterproofing Oy starts using Vine first in their domestic sales team of 8 people. Their intention is to comprehensively utilize Vine by centralizing customer management, sales planning and reporting as well as marketing in Vine. Sales Director Väisänen is particularly pleased with the possibility of sending newsletters from the same place where the customer data and the target groups are managed: "Vine provides us with everything in one place; we manage customer groups, target groups and mailing lists, send newsletters and also follow what we communicate to whom."

In the future, Nordic Waterproofing Oy will use ERP for management of order and supply processes, while the document and customer data management will be done exclusively in Vine. Väisänen speaks for the concentrating on two systems. "Vine and ERP support each other: we can manage and complete all the issues in these two systems."

Väisänen adds that the decision to return to Vine was easy since it was already familiar: "The main reason we chose Vine was that we had good experience on how the system works. Introduction is also easier because sales people already know the system. It is worth noting, that in just few years Vine has evolved and gone far ahead. There are lots of new features in the service nowadays. I am eager to see what we can do with Vine in the future!”.

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