Cold calling vs. calling for warm leads

Even though Cold Calling has become more difficult day by day, many companies still do it systematically to improve their acquisition of new customers. To sell your service you need a meeting and to get a meeting you need to pick up the phone and call. Today you have an option to decide what kind of calling you do. Are you calling cold leads or warm leads?

The amount of bookings done by cold calling have decreased enormously: As result of this, is more phone calls being done? That is not effective. Calling warm leads is essential when taking about increasing sales, because cold calling is eating off time from actually closing the deals. When calling to warm leads, sales people get more meetings from doing less calling. And researches show that deals are more likely to happen from warm leads.

snowflake emojiCold Calling – as you can gather from it’s name – means that the person you call is a cold prospect. Person hasn’t shown any interest towards your company before your call, maybe you even got the cold lead from bought list.

Like in every relationship, someone has to take the first step. In cold calling the one taking the first step is the sales person. Well, we all know what might happen to the one taking the first step. In this situation, there is a good chance he get’s shut done and ends up listentint to beep beep with a phone in his hand.

fire emoji Contacting warm leads is a popular way for new customer aquisition especially in companies where marketing automation is in use. Warm lead is a person, who by different actions has shown an interest towards your company. For example juding by actions person has done on your websites he can be qualified as a warm lead.

In this relationship the one taking the first step is the potential customer. After customers clear sign of interest the salesperson picks up a phone in his hand and gives calls the person just when it’s the right time. He won’t be turned down, if the interest is mutual.



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To do cold calling you need contact information. People you call should be on a decision maker position in a potential company. For it to work cold calling needs prospecting, getting call lists, media tracking and so on. Sales person needs to know who he is calling, so back office work needs to be done before calling.

Google, social media and different prospecting tools are needed for prospecting. The calling itself can only be done with the help of phone. Where do you get your leads?

Warm leads also don’t appear from nowhere. To get these warm quality leads, tools and interesting content is very much needed. Content also don’t create itself (at least not yet, even tho AI gives us some hope about this) and don’t end up infront of a potential customer without any effort.

Warm lead recipe involves content marketing and marketing automation. Without marketing automation content marketing doesn’t produce leads and without content it’s hard for marketing automation to produce leads. Marketing automation brings the warm leads straight to the arms of sales and this is when it’s time to pick up the phone.



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The time used for prospecting, back up and getting the hold of thw person can take a big piece out of sales persons time. From cold calling you get less meetings than contacting warm leads. To get x-amount of meetings you have use more time with cold calling than when contacting warm leads: Colg calling means more calling.

If you only know the name of the prospect, company and title, finding the right angle for the phone call can be difficult.

When contacting leads born as an result of good marketing, sales person doesn’t necessarily need to do any prospecting. This time is saved for something more useful.

In addition to this you get more meetings, than from cold leads. This means you do less but get more results. More meetings with less calling, sounds good right?



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Cold calling irritates the people answering the phones more day by day. These days we should have the information of what interests who. Cold calling is often appalling to the person calling and the one answering. Depending on your field of work, there is only a small chance, that the prospect feels like this topic you are calling about is current at the moment.

Many decision makers have even decided not to answer unknown numbers, in the fear of some sales person calling them again with pointless topics. Accessibility is the biggest challenges in calling potential customers. After getting the hold on some people from your call list, the fact is that it’s not very likely for this to end on a success.

When contacting warm leads, the accessibility is also a challenge. But the possibility for a good phone call is a lot bigger than with cold calling. Person has already looked up this topic on your website, which often shows that he is interested about your service or product.

It’s easier to approach the prospect when you know what is he interested about and what kind of actions he has done on your website. With the help of marketing automation you see what kind of content has he read, what sites has he visited and what documents has he loaded. This way it’s easier to contact the lead.



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There shouldn’t be a gap between sales and marketing anymore. It’s old fashioned to think, that marketing advertises and sales closes the deals. In a company that has big goals to grow cold calling is often a part of strategy. It’s clearly sales task and the goal is between sales people.

Cold calling is a task that can be done individualy. Sales people gather their own prospect list and after this aim to get as many meetings as possible with the phone in their hand. In some company’s the competition for prospects can be intense. Even the team work inside the sales team can be very slim when it comes to new customer acquisition.

For the new leads to generate sales and marketing have to work together! Marketing should create quality content and target the right kind of marketing communication to customers. Sales need to be ready to contact leads that marketing generates.

Communication between sales and marketing should have no walls between, so that the leads turn in to customers. Tools like marketing automation build a bridge between sales and marketing and make possible the transfer of leads to sales just when the leads are burning hot! To make this bridge strong sales and marketing need to talk the same language.

Even though we compare cold calling and contacting of warm leads it doesn’t mean you only can do one of these in your company. Though we belive that you can get more results with less work when contacting warm leads that marketing automation brings in front of you.


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