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Vineyard is a customer relationship management, or CRM solutions provider. To put it simply, it means that we are a software company focusing on customer relations management. Customer management, of course, is much more than just managing of the customer data. Normally the first step to acquire CRM system is taken when the organization has so many clients and / or staff, that the information regarding them can no longer be stored neither shared in private spreadsheets, booklets or files. The most common information about the customer is the company's address and other contact details, contact persons and different company-related events as sales visits and sales calls.

Customer relationship management will become every company's number one priority at latest when they lose customers due to the inadequate data management. Data management is still nothing but basic raw material when managing the customer relations data. It will not become an  "information product"  until the company management uses this data to support their analytical decision making.  


Vineyard's software is based on the familiar Microsoft features such as double-clicking, dragging and dropping ("drag & drop"), as well as using the the right mouse button's popup-menu. One of the basic rules in Vineyard systems is that all information is entered only once into the system. Single enter is possible by using objects and connections. Objects are eg. one person (Matti Meikäläinen), one company (Example Company Ltd) or a single event (Meikäläinen/presentation of the offer in Exemple Ltd). Connections  on the other hand, are a way to link information within Vineyard, for example, a person Matti Meikäläinen as an employee to Example Company Ltd.

Other basic features in Vineyard are shared calendar view (possibility to see other people's calendars and make appointments in them), search  functions (basic search and advanced), customer history and an extensive company view (all the relevant information in one view).


The basic facts mentioned above are common to all Vineyard users. However, the users have specific needs depending on their job and Vineyard has made tools to meet for these needs. We call them roles. The most common roles are sales, marketing, customer service and business management, but it is possible to create roles according to the organization's own needs. Roles provide a "tray" of all professional sales tools that customer relations management can offer.



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