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Vine is a Finnish service with careful attention to data security.

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Vine is a Finnish service managed by the Finnish company Vine Oy. As a Finnish company we adhere to Finnish and European laws.

Our servers are located both in Finland and in Russia. Using Vine in Finland or other European countries, the information stored into Vine is stored and will always remain in Finland and thus within the EU region. You ensure abiding by Finnish and EU legislation when the personal data you handle is under no circumstances transferred outside Finnish or EU borders.

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All the servers used by Vine are located in our partner’s secure data center, which meets the safety requirements issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (54A/2012M).

The servers are secured with firewall. We also ensure the security of the servers by continually conducting security updates for example according to the announcements of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

All connections between your organization’s Vine service and the servers are SSL protected in the same way as for example online banks are. This means that the data is practically impossible to breach.



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We guarantee the information you store in Vine will stay safe. We take continuous live-backup of the data and run proper backups every night.

Each Vine-user has their own user account, which can securely and smoothly be identified with the Windows AD –account. It is possible to allocate or limit access to information or tools user-specifically.



vineyard tietoturva checklist  Finnish service. Servers in Finland and Russia.

vineyard tietoturva checklist  Servers secured with firewall.

vineyard tietoturva checklist  Continuous data security updates.

vineyard tietoturva checklist  Connections SSL protected.

vineyard tietoturva checklist  Backups of data taken every night.




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