5 digital marketing trends 2018

Does the year 2018 still seem to be so far away? We both anyway know that we'll find ourselves sending Christmas cards and making New Year's promising sooner than we could imagine. We think these 5 would be the most interesting digital marketing trends for SMes in 2018. Pay attention at least for these 5:



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"A picture is worth a thousand words" quote is coming more and more important in digital marketing. Communition between a customer and a company is more and more visual: Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are necessities. According to a report released by CISCO, even 80% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018 will be from consumer video traffic. Videos have been trending lately and their popularity is still increasing. Also live streaming is getting more popular day by day (also Instagram started on this area with My Stories). 

ABout 20%  of our brain only prosesses visual data and we process visual data much faster than text. Your website is very often the first impression of your company - What kind of first impression you want to give? Visuality is more important than ever but also remeber that visuality itself it is not enough. You can read our previous blogpost of that topic. 



Social media has humanized brand lately a lot. Behind all that beautiful visuality people are interested of authentity: Be you, be sometimes also #nofilter. Speak as a human to human. Tell a story and let your brands personality shine everywhere. Instead of bought pictures fros stocks, use real pics of real people - your colleagues. Also with live streaming you can humanize your brand. Be funny and be real. 


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In digital marketing we are goind towards customer-centric and personal content. This is a step ahead from campaign or target based marketing. Communication for one customer can be an unique experience. Marketing automation is the tool behind this and the importance of marketing automation is getting bigger and bigger. It takes care that all different customers are treated the way they should. Communication happens based on the behavior of a customer. Read more about start package.



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Even though many companies try to get rid of emails,, ”inbox zero”, email is still one of the best ways to get in touch with decision makers. It it one of the most udes tools within companies. But you only have such a tiny time to get the attention of your audience with an email. Instead of special promotions and campaigns, give your audionc valuable informations - customer magazine is a new newsletter. Why someone would like to receive emails from you voluntarily? Tell your best stories compactly in your customer magaine and send it regurlarly - for example once a month. 


#5 AR & VR

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AR eli augmented reality and IR virtual reality seem promising in digital marketing. Game industry has takes advantage of these already for some years and for exampke Pokémon Go is a great viral example of AR lately.  How could you take an advantage of AR and IR in your business?

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