Distance to the Customer

An organization you just described occurs only in the ideal images Gartner, Forrester and partners have built. It does not exist. Alternatively, it may be that your colleagues and subordinates have duped you. "; } elseif ($dist <= 3) { echo "The customer is the center of operations, your organization is capable and agile, and it is shown in the last line of income statement. The tools are in order, and when it comes to customer satisfaction, you beat a lot of your competitors. However, some things need fine-tuning."; } elseif ($dist <= 7) { echo "Not bad! Your organization has clearly developed a systematic activity and its instruments. The majority of things are okay, but there is still room for improvement. It seems that a part of the work processes are handmatic, and quite without a reason. Is all the action certainly documented? How do your worst competitors work? I wonder if they are content with just “good” school grade? Look critically around: what issues there are still to be fixed?"; } elseif ($dist <= 11) { echo " Your organization listens to Spice Girls, wears flannel shirts and uses combat boots. Shoulder pads also appear every now and then in tune with clattering wooden beads. It is so moving to see you working the 90's way when it comes to customers.
You have tools, but they are one-point or makeshift solutions. The big picture of customers is lacking and the little that is seen is almost invisible. Everyday activities are very product-oriented. The business base is not in acute danger of collapsing, but the customer interface challenges usually come from behind a tree.
Now is the time to burn those wooden beads in the fireplace and move to the present. Out with homemade, one-point solutions and in with the 2010’s tools! Customer in the center and a definite operation management. There is a significant possibility to improve the results!"; } elseif ($dist <= 14) { echo "The quality of your organization's customer work is not substantially different from starting point of Finndow Ltd, a company that has shared its story on these pages. Customer work tools are almost non-existent and processes are not even in their infancy. You guys must love Excel!
In a business based on good individual performance there are significant risks regarding continuity and customer experience. You waste many commercial opportunities for internal fumbling. Handicraft is very fashionable. You need the tools and determined minds to fix the problem. Your client would truly appreciate the change in your business."; } else { echo "Your business is based on either the absolute product superiority or a monopoly. Prognosis on how your organization will succeed in the competitive market is very sad. Positively speaking, the situation can only get better from here. Put the basics first and then start developing activities in a consistent manner"; } ?>

Your distance to
the customer:

7) { echo"Was the test result disappointing ? Don't panic - we've got professional help! Contact us for a complete status inventory with detailed recommendations for action. We'll even throw in a concrete road map to help yourself and agilely lead your troops for a better future."; } else { echo"The good result you just received does not justify complacency or arrogance - on the contrary! Competitors are reaching you, so you have to go forward. We are happy to bring our more than 20-year experience for your help. Let’s plan even more glorious future together!"; } ?>

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