For Better Leads

“Where can I find better leads?” Unknown Salesman.

Did you know that there are plenty of quality leads just behind the corner? Leads which are looking for the solution you are offering. Leads which are waiting for your call. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the first one who offers a helping hand?


Cold calling can be a nightmare for even an experienced sales professional. Where can you find warm leads? You have attended for all the seminars and events, checked out all relevant newspapers, Googled everything you can think of and, called all the friends of your friends... Who to call next? Has marketing department given you leads which got cold already last week? The timing matter a lot when it comes to the warm leads. The majority of buyers don't appreciate or respond to cold calls, which is the primary reason the tactic doesn't work. In turn well targeted calling works efficiently. Quality is important both to sales professionals and buyers.

Have you met the lead engine of today? With this machine there is no need to worry about who to call next. You’ll receive quality leads automatically and regularly. They are happy to answer your call. These leads have already shown interest towards your company. They know about your products or services and are planning to buy. They want to hear more what you are offering. Marketing automation is a reliable friend for sales professionals. It brings the hot leads straight into your arms.

For sales professionals, marketing automation (MA) might sound like a major project the marketing department is struggling with. But that is not the truth. MA is the conductor in an orchestra, where sales and marketing departments play the most beautiful melody together. Efficient lead generation is taking baby steps among SME companies in Finland. In any case, digitalization and automation are necessities in the future. And they help sales professionals vastly.

The cooperation between sales and marketing is the key for successful marketing automation. For example a small campaign will show you how you can benefit from automation. It helps both the tasks in sales and marketing. Great content, regular communication and identification of active and potential customers generate more and better leads. It’s time to start holding hands with marketing professionals. Be active and make sure that you’ll have the quality leads.

You’ll get a notification when a potential customer has shown great interest towards your products or services (for example browsed through important pages on your website or downloaded a whitepaper). A potential customer searches information through different channels and compares possible options behind the curtains. Make sure that you’ll be the first to offer a helping hand when the time is right.


Sales and marketing make a great team

It’s important to share all the information, knowledge and experiences that sales professionals have about the customers. With that information marketing professionals can decide on the best target group and create suitable content. Marketing automation recognizes the most active potential customers and increases the interest of customers who are seeking for solutions.

With the cooperation between sales and marketing you’ll have the best results. The goal between these two players is the same: have more new customers and increase sales. Instead of generating plenty of leads marketing focuses on generating quality leads. This helps the work of sales professionals: less calls and for quality leads only.

Become close friends with marketing professionals and dare to ask for better leads. Is your company doing marketing that sales department loves? Does marketing and sales have the same goal?


Steps for better leads

1) Start cooperation with marketing professionals

Start cooperation with marketing to achieve better leads. You are the one, who knows what your customers want. You know the target group. Marketing knows how to create content for them. Cooperation with sales and marketing is an important start.

2) Choose your target group

Which is the best target group for your company right now to get more new customers?

3) Create interesting content

Marketing professionals make sure that your company has great visibility online. They create interesting content for the target group in different channels (website, social media, newsletters etc.). You’ll reach the target group with versatile content. Marketing automation takes care of generating hot leads for you.

4) Recognize hot leads

Consider together with marketing how potential customers act on your site. How to recognize great leads for sales? Potential customer can for example download a whitepaper, subscribe to a newsletter or visit some important pages on your website.

5) Start your lead engine

This basic information is enough for you to start marketing automation. Do you want know how to start the lead engine? Invest a moment of your time and learn more in an half an hour information flash.


For sales professionals, marketing automation for example generates hot leads instead of cold calling, gives more opportunities to get new customers and frees your time for customers who are really considering to buy.


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