GDPR for B2B marketer

GDPR EU’s new general data protection regulation awakens a lot of discussion, confusion and misunderstandings. No wonder, because there is many fake news about this subject. Discussion is heated, because the requirements of the regulation involve practically all companies. The transition time to the regulation ends in may 25th 2018 and your companys general data protection needs to be by the book, also the marketing side of it. So how does the new regulation affect B2B marketing?

In this blog post we address GDPR from the view of a B2B marketing and we will wright more about this subject on our blog in the near future.

The goal for the new regulation is to unify the data protection policies in the EU reserve and to improve the rights of registered people considering data protection and the cofidental usage of personal data. Many requirements of the regulation are well known from the present data protection law. GDPR specifies the term of personal data, brings registered people new rights and increases the number of affirmations in the usage of personal data in different companies. Companies need to be sure, that the current processes and systems are compatible with the changes that come with GDPR.

B2B marketeer should start preparation to GDPR with the following:

1. Communicate and take care of the visibilty of your action to your customers. Most likely other functions of your company are fully employed to prepare internal processes.

2. Put your marketing register together. The time of excels is over and the outsourced services take care of many data protection regulations on behalf of you.

3. Don’t confuse the ePrivacy- preparation to the GDPR regulations. ePrivacy can cause even bigger changes to marketing, but it’s time isn’t yet.



GDPR sets the principles of data protection, that guides the register keeper to handle personal data with respect towards the registered person. Companies need to take care that the data protection principles are been followed in every step of the processing.


Companys need to be able to indicate that they ar following the regulations when handling personal information. This is a big change, because before it was enough that the regulations are being followed. Differ from the earlier there is a big sanction if the regulation is not being followed. (20 milion euros or 4% of the revenue).

Register keeper needs to document the use of personal information and execute all the legal and technical operations, which shows that the regulation is followed. The company is the register keeper and resposible for the handling of personal data, even when the handling has been outsourced to a partner. Company must give the partner written instructions for handling personal information and data.


GDPR-regulations risk based approach means, that the regulation obligations and protective actions must be put into perspective with the risk that the personal information handling might cause to the registrated person. B2B- marketing register usually consists of contact details and there is not as big of a risk included there as there is with for example financial information.


The meaning of GDPR-regulation is to increase the visibility of personal information handling and strenghten the registered rights to regulate the use of his personal information. Who collects data and why? What kind of data is collected and with what grounds? Who is the data handed over? How long is the information being preserved? Registerd will have the opportunity to ask for the data that has been collected from him, and the company needs to be able to deliver the information to him.

Rights such as ”right to be forgatten” are still being defined so it works in practice. How to delete the informations of a person and at the same time make sure that they don’t come back from the same source again?

GDPR will increase the common interest in the handling of personal data. Customers activate themself to use their rights and will test companies with this. Companies that are one step ahead will stand out with visibility, informativity and readiness to act. The best marketing register-solutions will offer the functions considering peronal information and data handling as selfservice, without overloading customer service.

At Vine we prepare ourselves for GDPR in our own service. With the help of us you can tackle many changes that GDPR brings with in.


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