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This blogtext is sequel to our previous GDPR post: GDPR for B2B marketer.

Google finds over 8 million results with the word ”GDPR” at the moment. Discussion is heated, because the requirements of the regulation involve pretty much all companies. As usual in digitalisated world, there are a lot of fake news about GDPR. Here is a few fake news from the top of the list in Google, about GDPR and B2B marketing.

1. ”Opt-out isn’t enough anymore, there needs to be a clear permission from the user to do direct marketing (Opt-in)”

This argument isn’t valid in B2B marketing: The new regulation doesn’t prevent targeted B2B-marketing and you are still allowed to send emails to B2B decision-makers if the content involves their job description. So there is still a possibility to do direct marketing in B2B world.

2. ”Person needs to give their approval for profiling in automated personal data handling”

Many writings about GDPR mention the prohibited right for profiling. This is fake news because there isn’t anything like this prohibited in the regulation. Profiling is still permissible.

3. ”It’s prohibited to use bought marketing registers”

It’s still allowed to use bought marketing registers and you can send content to B2B decision-makers if it conserns their job description. The information is just allowed to be used for the same meaning it was collected in the first place. Register keeper must document all the use of personal details.


It’s good to notice that GDPR is about the usage of personal details but it’s often getting mixed up with ePrivacy-regulation, which is being prepared at the moment. ePrivacy is about digital communication data protection and there are different views about this which are still very far from each other. When the time comes ePrivacy will step in to the picture, but not quite yet.

Vine fullfills all the regulations of GDPR and helps customers to do the same.

At Vine we are very strongly commited to the new data protection regulation and we have found out everything there is to know about the GDPR. We will help our customers to follow the regulation with the help of our service and information. With the help of Vine, it’s a bit more easier to follow the regulation when it comes to marketing register, data protection and marketing automation.


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