Great results in only 3 months

Many companys who are thinking of getting started with marketing automation, are wondering what kind of results you can actually achieve with it. Here is an example from one of our customers results accomplished during our 3 month start package with marketing automation. They started marketing automation on their online service -palveluun.




Our customer achieved great results in their service already in three months with our trial package. Together we set clear targets for 3 months: The goal was to get 20 registrations on the website with the help of our marketing automation. The goal was calculated based on the previous results that had been achived in different ways. The goal was set a little more higher than earlier. Vine’s 3 month start package succeeded 165%. There was 33 registrations on the website and on top of this 120 warm leads for the sales team to contact.

In three months our customer sent 34 000 emails to 10 000 target groups of decision-makers. They sent four different emails. We measured the results and succes rate constantly. The other email campaign didn’t succeed as well as the first one, so we took this into account in the next emails. With the email marketing we got to results as: 10% clicks trough rate and 10% conversion rate (conversion rate is the relation between registrated and clickers).

In addition the people who clicked the links in emails, but did not register immediately, were contacted with drip-messages sent by the marketing automation. With the help of the drip-messages the conversion percentage was increased to even higher level.

Alredy during the 3 months the goal (20 registrations on the website) was accomplished easily (33 registrations) and on top of this our customer got 120 warm leads for their sales team to contact. With the help of goal setting it is possible to make sure that the marketing automation ROI is positive. During our 3 month trial package we quide our customer in the begining of their marketing automation experience and after the 3 months it’s easy for the customer to keep going by themselves – of course with the help of our customer service and experts.

Psst. It is possible to count the leadtarget for the marketing automation in a way that the ROI (return-on-investment) is positive. How many warm leads the marketing automation has to generate with the 3 month trial (1490€/3 months), so that the investment is productive?



X (number of leads) * succes rate of the booking calls * sales closing percentage * avarage value of the sales for 3 months ≥ 1490€.

For example: X (number of leads) * 25% (booked meetings/leadcall) * 50% (avarage closed sales percentage) * 1000 (avarage value of the sales for 3 months) ≥ 1490€.

x*0,25*0,5*1000 ≥ 1490€

125x ≥ 1490

x ≥ 11,92

So with the previous numbers, if the trial package produces up to 12 leads, the investment is productive. And we can easily guarantee this amount of quality leads!


The leads that marketing automation produces are warm and the people have clearly showed interest towards your product or service. Forget the cold calls and the hunting for leads and tell us, how many leads you wish the marketing automation to produce for your company during the 3 month trial (1490€/3 months), so that the investment is productive for you – We’ll tell you if that is possible!


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