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The founder of Markkinointihupin Eero Peurala writes a series of blogposts about starting up with Vine’s marketing automation. 

Now the signatures in Vines contract papers were on and it was time to start creating contents for the world to see. I found myself being confused in the first corner. There were a load of questions coming out of my mind.

To whom would we be sending all the messages about our knowledge, attitude, visions and way of thinking? Who exactly is our target group and how do we prioritise them? Do we just send messages to everyone, or will we be sending different contents to different people? How to create a good message and how often should the messages be sent? Now we needed manual. And we did find it and Vine gave us the rest. Here’s a few things about starting with marketing automation, that stuck on my mind.


Start immediately. (For real)

Send the first message as soon as possible. Now is the time when you should get moving and make results happen. Don’t think about the content and visual aspects for too long – it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning. Fix the message and visual appearance during the journey. Decide who is in charge of the project, and create a time line for it. Also create a strategy for the contents – what content to whom and when.


Determine the goals and budget (Realism)

Where are we now and where do we want to be? How many contacts do we want and how many potential customers do we have resources to meet up with? How much money do we need to reach our goals? Marketing has to be measured, it needs to be clear where the contacts are being found.


Determine target groups. (Be careful)

Some might use the word “buying personas”, never mind, but who are the most important (max. 4) target groups that we want to approach? “Truck drivers” isn’t enough on its own, it needs to be more detailed; age, gender, where does he live, how does he move around, income level, political view, hobbies and so on.

This is where we needed help from a professional, Vine. Now we know our target group better than ever. We have Mikko, Timo and Lissu separated to their own target groups.


Get messages through (So that they are opened)

To create messages based on who they are sent to, is very important. Not everything to everyone. A message every other month would be perfect, but less is enough too. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the best times to send a message.

Notice to put the link to the website on the right section of the message. Make the newsletter, blog and subscribing other information as easy as possible. Vine has tips and good instructions for doing this. A professional content creator would be your best friend at this point. It’s sometimes difficult to create content on your own.

This is what was needed to begin with marketing automation, and soon the first message was sent. We nearly forgot about the newsletter subscribing and feedback buttons from our website. Luckily Vine had scripts, or how ever they call them. Now the only thing to do is to measure, analyse the data and answer to contact requests.

- Eero Peurala, Markkinointihupi


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