How to start a newsletter? – Four steps to get you started


Email is still one of the best ways to reach business decision-makers. Perhaps simply because email is the most common tool in business and for many, email easily takes up most of the working time. Correspondingly, email marketing in the form of newsletters is a good solution to many of the common challenges in B2B-marketing.

Newsletters are an easy way to reach your audience and to target and personalize the message to individual decision-makers. When sent regularly, a newsletter helps to keep your organization remembered by customers. By regularly offering beneficial content to your readers you create credibility as an expert of your field and encourage your readers’ interest towards your products or services. Newsletters are also a comparatively inexpensive and easily measurable marketing tool. A regular newsletter can make it significantly easier to demonstrate the results of your marketing.

Starting a newsletter is easier than you may think. You don’t need a big marketing department or highly developed digital marketing. You can start a newsletter even if your website is not perfect or advertising in google seems a distant dream at most. A regular newsletter can be a good first step into the world of digital marketing and can create a basis for further developing your digital marketing.

Here are four steps to get you started with your newsletter!

1. Define the goal of your newsletter

When starting a regular newsletter, the first thing you should do is to define your goal. What is it that you seek with the newsletter? Do you want to make your current customers more committed to your company? Do you want more sales from them? Are you perhaps looking to gain more brand-awareness? Do you wish to find sales leads? It’s a good idea to clarify your goal at the start, because it is the key to defining your target audience as well as the style and content of your newsletter.

Think about how often you want to send your newsletter. Regularity doesn’t necessarily have to mean a newsletter every week or even every month. Start for example by sending your newsletter quarterly. Especially if your goal is to sell more to your current customers, the most important thing is that they hear from you in the first place and your company stays on their minds.

2. Choose your target audience

Once you’ve defined your goal, choose who you want to reach with your newsletter. Do you want to compile your target audience from your current customers, your existing contacts or new and unknown contacts? A good idea is also to divide your target audience to smaller parts for example based on customer type, industry or responsibilities of the individual recipients.

Remember that you can only send a newsletter to consumers, when you’ve received a proper consent from them. Company decision-makers on the other hand can be approached if the content of your newsletter has to do with their work responsibilities.

Even if your marketing database is not up-to-date, you will find contacts for sure. Gather for example everyone you’ve met at trade fares and contacts from past sales projects. New contacts can easily be found from many service providers, for example Vine Address Service.

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3. Tailor the content and message according to your target audience

Think, what content do you have to offer? Will you guide your readers from the newsletter to blogposts that show your expertise, or will you share reference stories or videos? The content of your newsletter depends on your goal and your target audience.

Plan your content according to how well your target audience knows your company and your services. For people who are not familiar with your organization, its good to forget about service descriptions and product catalogs. Introduce yourself and focus on proving your expertise with useful content. However, a newsletter targeted to current customers can be more product-centered. You can for example give useful tips on your products or services, introduce new product features or new services and perhaps even make offers.

Pay attention especially to choosing the topics for your newsletters, for they play a key role in catching the attention of your recipients and determine whether or not your message will be opened. Also the design of your newsletter matters and especially quality pictures are good to invest in. Don’t forget to personalize your newsletter. A newsletter addressing the reader by name and providing content that is of interest to them will certainly work better than a mass mailing.

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4. Follow results and develop

One of the best advantages of email marketing is the tractability of its results. You can analyze how well your newsletter did and how interesting your content was for each target group. You can see how well your newsletter was received and how much your links have been followed.

When you want more precise results and better analysis, get to know marketing automation. With marketing automation, you can see the success of your newsletter even on the level of individuals and you can see exactly who clicked the links on your newsletter to your website. With a regular newsletter you will learn to know your loyal readers and get an idea of which of your services they may be interested in.

It is a good idea to follow the reactions of your newsletter readers also in a development sense, as they tell how well your message and content work. Make use of the feedback: do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Try, study and develop.


Be brave to just start

The most important thing about starting a newsletter is simply just starting. You don’t need a big content machine or specific plans to get started. Practice will teach the best ways and you can refine and develop as you go.

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With Vine you can take care of your newsletter all the way from managing your target group to finding sales leads. Marketing automation also facilitates managing the routine tasks of communication. We also help our customers get started with email marketing. Our experienced experts train and support our customers by helping to make newsletter templates and by sharing good practices.



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