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I just stepped in to the remarkable world of marketing automation. If being totally honest I haven’t quite stepped in from the door but I’m standing on the doorstep feeling a little confused. For a person just acquainted with the word automation, this particular term creates an image of something very complicated, analytical and completely automated system. Maybe even some kind of a robot?

Right in the beginning I fell high, when I found out that there is no robot who wants to do the marketing for me. What a disappointment, right? Marketing automation is not an automated system, that will delete the whole load of marketing from your shoulders. To make marketing automation work, interesting content is very much needed. And content that interests your target group is not producing itself. In addition to these, you need collaboration between marketing and sales.

So, in fact human hands are needed for exploiting automation. What a shame. But it still is quite handy, that marketing automation thing! Automation boosts the benefits of marketing and you get the most out of your content marketing with the help of it. Contents don’t just go to waste but the concrete results show clearly as leads. And who wouldn’t want more warm leads that proceed directly for the sales team to contact?

Another typical misconception about marketing automation, is that the purpose of it is to shove out as much messages and content for as many people as possible to see. On the contrary, the purpose is to help target different contents to different groups of people. To create as personalized contents as possible. With the help of automation, the experience of communication can be completely unique. As it’s best, automation is good customer service. You learn to know your customer a bit by bit, so that you can serve him interesting and beneficial content and so on even better solutions. Instead of traditional face to face need charting, the important information is been collected already online in the beginning of the buying process, with the help of marketing automation technology. Day by day customer make their buying decision more based on the information found online.

While getting acquainted with marketing automation, I have understood the huge meaning of company’s websites. Customers whole buying process has changed as an outgrowth of digitalisation, because everything can be done online these days. Websites are the base of marketing these days. Today a company without websites is almost invisible, because the second page on Google is a place where you can bury the body. Websites are a significant factor in the success of a company and an easy way to get visibility and leads. So, you should get the most out of your websites. This is where the marketing automation steps in the picture. Automation targets the personalized content to the website visitor based on his actions on the website. And this all happens at the right time to help the customer at every step of his buying process. When the customer is getting closer to the end of the buying process, automation directs the warm lead straight to the arms of sales.

How many visitors is on your website? How many clicks did your newsletter get? Marketing automation, like Google Analytics and many different newsletter tools know the answer to these questions. But do you know what individual website visitor actually does on your websites? What do those newsletter clickers, who don’t leave a contact request immediately, do on your websites? These questions can only be answered by marketing automation. With the help of all the data marketing automation gives you, you also get support for your decision making. Only a tiny fraction of Finnish small- and middle-sized companies use marketing automation.

Here was a few things I have learned about my new acquaintance - marketing automation. I wouldn’t yet say that we are on the friendzone but I would say we would most certainly say hi on the street. Here you can download a guide for marketing automation, if you also want to get to know this - not so mysterious - marketing automation. At least it did help me!


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