Keep it simple - Vineyard is now Vine

Vineyard is now Vine and Vineyard International Ltd now Vine Ltd.

We decided to rename our service and company as we and our customers know it. Both we and our customers have for years talked about Vine. Vineyard hasn’t fit as well in Finnish mouths. Our customers have already for years done work with Vine and “Viners” have always been there for them when they’ve needed support. Christmas cards have been sent with Vine, promises made to customers have been checked in Vine and Vine’s invitation emails have ensured successful customer events. “Check Vine” is a common response to co-workers, when the details of customer accounts have been forgotten. Since it works as Vine, it’s simplest to talk about Vine.

We’ve tuned our name also in the past. At first Vine was known as teamwork software Grapevine. At formerly Data Fellows (now F-Secure) hard work was done to register the product name and a software with the same name was found in Australia. The name had to be changed and Vineyard was a good substitute, it too gave the notion of fruits of information tied together. Later we processed the vineyard story with an association to long-term caring for customers. Quality cannot be achieved by rushing.

The company name Vineyard International Oy wasn’t accepted to the trade register on the first attempt, because the name wasn’t related to the industry according to the rules of that time. Also this was survived by expanding the industry: “The company’s industry also includes advancing the international awareness of Finnish wine culture.” still reads on the by-law. Even though Finnish wine culture is still in its infancy, we are experienced troupers in customer work. We take companies closer to their customers every day.

We won’t bargain on the features of our products or the quality of our service even though we cut our name. Vine still offers the best supply of tools for customer work for the use of sales and marketing in small and medium sized companies.

Vine is your customer’s best friend.


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