Marketing and sales say yes

Marketing and sales say yes. Marketing and sales say yes.

It's time to start holding hands between sales and marketing. It is time to say "yes". In any relationship, like in a relationship between sales and marketing, it is important to support and understand each other. No body can read some body's thoughts even though sometimes we think we can. It the other one doesn't know what the second one is thinking, that relationship is already doomed. Cooperation between sales and marketing is vital due to the change of customer buying process caused by digitalization. 


Towards common goals

Traditionally sales and marketing create their own funnels. Sales is doing sales and marketing focuses on brand awareness. Due to digitalization it is old fashioned to have different goals for sales and marketing: The most important goal for both is to boost sales. It is time to go towards common goals. The best resulst are made when sales and marketing are on the same page of a book.

Both sales and marketing is needed. The mission for marketing is to active customers on the beginning of thei buying process. Sales takes care of the rest: contacting the lead and closing the deal. With cooperation the best results are made. You need to define the target group, timing and topic together with sales and marketing. You'll reach the potential customer with relevant topic and on the right time.

Sales professionals meet customers daily: they propably know better than marketing which is the best target group. Digital footprint tells you the best topic and timing to communicate with the prospect.


Customers are the most important

Customers are the key for success. You'll serve your customer the best with interesting and relevant contect with great timing. Both sales and marketing discuss with customers with different tools. 

Digitalization has changed the customer buying process and due to that reason sales and marketing need to change too. B2B buyers are waiting longer and longer before they want to meet the sales person: they are browsing thourgh web to look for information they need. Even 60% of buying decision is made before meeting the sales person. Marketing need to take care of the relevant and interesting content for the customers on the different stages of a bying process. Marketing automation serves sales, marketing and customers: sales and marketing together can help the potential client on his different stages of customer buying process.


Leads, the result of cooperation

With quality leads you sell faster, more and with less work. Quality leads are the result of the cooperation. Marketing automation recognizes and warms potential customers. You can recognize website visitors with CTAs (for example when some one subscribes a newsletter). Hot leads get cold if you don't contact them soon enough.

Marketing should give sales quality leads only. Now almost all the leads are gives to sale even though only 1/3 of them are qualified. That's why marketing leads suffer from the lack of trust. If you don't trust your leads, it is time to sit on the same side of table and think what kind of leads actually are the quality leads.


Digitalization forces sales and marketing to cooperate. When cooperation works well, marketing creates more quality leads and sales closes deals more efficiently. Automation makes sales and marketing go towards the common goal, sales. It it time dor sales and marketing to say "yes" and start the cooperationt today. Amen.

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