Lead scores are a part of Vine marketing automation solution. We wanted to show you in practice how it works and decided to show your own lead score as an example.

We’ve recognized you when you’ve opened a link in our newsletter or when you’ve filled out a form on our website. 

You increase your lead score by browsing through our website. The lead score is determined for example by which pages you’ve visited and how long you’ve stayed on them.

Your lead score tells us whether you are an active customer or a random surfer. When you accumulate a good score you might just get a call from one of our specialists!





Would you like to see how marketing automation can improve your sales?


Your current score: [LEADSCORE]

Make more lead points: Browse through our site and come back to see how tracking history accumulates

The list will show maximum 15 last activities





Benefits for Sales

reddot No awkward cold calls

reddot Browsing history for each contact

reddot Warm leads who are already interested


Benefits for Marketing

reddot Automated routine tasks and time saving

reddot Automated marketing communications

reddot Measurable customer reactions


Benefits for Customers

reddot No annoying cold calls

reddot Get help at the right time on the right topic


Why Vine marketing automation?
- You get marketing database, email marketing and website visitor tracking in one inexpensive package
- Vine is a straightforward, ready-to-use solution that strengthens the cooperation between marketing and sales

What in the world is this?
Lead scores are a part of Vine marketing automation solution. With Vine's lead scores you can separate active customers from random surfers.

How did Vine know my name?
1. You’ve clicked a link in a newsletter we’ve sent you and Vine has recognized you.
2. You’ve filled out a form on our website and your information has been saved on Vine.

How does one get lead scores?
Vine gives you lead scores on all digital marketing activities connected to Vine. You accumulate your score for example by clicking links in newsletters and visiting webpages.

What are lead scores used for?
When you reach a certain lead score, Vine recognizes your interest and notifies sales about it.

What are the benefits of lead scores?
Lead scores are part of Vine marketing automation solution, with which:
- You recognize visitors to you website and see their interest towards your products and services
- Your sales automatically receives interested warm leads
- You can react quickly and help customers at the right time on the right topic


What do you think?

Would you like to see how marketing automation can improve your sales?



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