What are visitors really doing on your website?

All leads are not created equal. Marketing automation lead scoring tells you whether the customer you are seeking is hot as a heater or as cold as a VW Beetle on the North Pole.

See what marketing automation means in real life

Marketing automation helps identify and reach a customer with purchase intentions. Fill the form below to see your lead score.


Lead Score Tells


What you have done on the site


How long you have been on each page


How each of your activity is scored






Benefits for Sales

reddot No awkward cold calls

reddot Browsing history for each contact

reddot Warm leads who are already interested


Benefits for Marketing

reddot Automated routine tasks and time saving

reddot Automated marketing communications

reddot Measurable customer reactions


Benefits for Customers

reddot No annoying cold calls

reddot Get help at the right time on the right topic



Vine Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a generic term for technologies that enable companies to automate their marketing routines, as well as marketing communications. With Vine marketing automation you distinguish active customers from random surfers. You get already interested warm leads and can concentrate your resources on the most potential customers. 

Lead scores are an essential part of Vine marketing automation. They ensure that you’ll be able to help customers at the right time with the right subject. Check out how the service works in practice, see your own lead score as an example, and find out how your website could benefit from lead scoring. When you accumulate a good score you might just get a call from one of our specialists!

Vine marketing automation is a Finnish and ready-to-use service that includes marketing database, email marketing, and website visitor tracking.

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