Marketing automation terminology

In the world of marketing automation you can hear many different terms originally coming from English language. Triggers, drips and CTA’s make the marketing automation talk sound more or less like rocket science. We want to delete the mystic curtain in front of marketing automation. So what means CTA, drip, leadpoint and trigger?


Is your website like a library hall where the visitor is not guided and is left on his own wondering what to do now? Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are an important part of marketing automation and with the help of them you can guide your website visitor to do action the way you wish them to act. This way you get more conversion to your website.

To identify the unknown website visitors, you need CTA ’s. With CTA’s the world is your oyster: Contents downloaded with email can be for example guidebooks, tips, product showcases, videos, newsletter subscriptions and trials. What kind of material could give your customer added value?

CTA’s offer added value to your customer and more leads to you. With the help of CTA’s the good leads are recognized from your website visitors. Good CTA: stands out from your websites easily, at it’s longest contains max 5 words, urges the customer to act and is easy to understand. Here is an example of a CTA on our website:




Drip messages are emails sent by marketing automation. They can be sent personalized and targeted to individual website visitors depending on their actions on the website. Drips help to nurture prospects in different stages of the buying process and this way help to lift up the conversion percentage. If a person is interested of product A you don’t want to offer him information about the product B.

When a person visits your website for the first time, he is not necessarily a warm lead yet. In this situation the drip messages offer the person interesting content and lead back to your website again. You van get the website visitor converted to a lead afetr the visit too.

Drip messages are served to the customer a bit by bit – don’t try to fit too much information in one message.



Leadpoints, something eatable? In marketing automation the website visitors are pointed by their actions. Different actions that can be pointed are for example a visit in a certain website, whitepaper download or any other action on your websites. When the visitor reaches the certain amount of leadpoints, he moves automatically for sales team to contact. Here you can see your own scoreboard of leadpoints on our website:



Triggers are an important part of marketing automation. They initiate a right kind of automation rule for the right person at the right time. Automation rule can for example send a chosen drip message to the visitor.

Triggers initiate a certain kind of automation rule which can be a visit to a certain website, webinar enrolment or desertion of shopping bag. Trigger can be any kind of action that a person does on your website.

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