Marketing automation without mysticism

Terms like triggers, CTAs or drip fly through the air when we talk about marketing automation. This weird terms make marketing automation sound like more rocket science than just simple technology which is helping us. Simply the truth is that when you make your goals clear, you’ll succeed in marketing automation. We made this 3 steps guide to help you to succeed in automation: Goals, execution and optimization


1. Define your goals
You can do many different tactic operations with marketing automation (send an email or text message etc.). Before making these tactic operations it is important to define your goals: What you want to achieve with automation. Do you want to get more subscribers for your newsletter, get more leads for sales or get more participants for your event? You can make many different automations for various purposes but before making them it is important to define your goal for each automation.

2. Execute automation
After defining your goal create automation which help you to achieve your goal. Automations can contain many tactic operations which lead your target group towards the goal you’ve defined. For example if your goal is to generate more leads for sales, you can create so called drip automation. With drip automation you can help your customer on a right time with a right topic: Automation gives relevant content for persons based on the activities they’ve made online. Customers gets right kind of information which is relevant to him or her.

3. Test and optimize
Like in digital marketing in general, you need to test and optimize variables all the time. With the help of precise analytics you can see what works well and what doesn’t. You can check the results of automation, optimize your tactics and make marketing automation better and better all the time. Optimize your automation the way it helps you to achieve your goals. You need to test and optimize automations to make them work as well as possible.

We need more and more investments to digital marketing and helping our customers as well as possible. Keep these three steps in your mind when you start marketing automation. Do you want to learn more about marketing automation? If you have any questions, download our guide to marketing automation (in Finnish) and learn the basics.

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