Marketing Trends 2017

Marketing trends 2017

We picked the most important topics of marketing trends for the year 2017. We believe these six issues are something you should at least concider when planning the year of marketing 2017.


Change has become permanent. The cornestone of marketing, 4P, is not disappearing but it has to cope with the changes digitalization brings. There are two type of trends: short ones (like Pokemon Go) come and go and more permanent ones stay and grow. We hope more customer focud, social and responsible marketing. Videos, automation ja mobile usage continues stronger than ever. 



The trend of using videos in marketing continues even stronger than last year. Videos are especially watched with mobile devices: 50% of people watch videos with their mobile phones at least once a week. Short videos work well and opporunities for video marketing increse. For example Marks&Spences listed Koskenkorva based on the brands new videos.

Video live streaming is also getting more and more popular. Snapchat and Periscope focus on live streaming and Facebook Live and Instagram stories launched their live streaming opportunities last year.



Mobile devices are more used than desktop in many services. For example more than 50% of search engine searches are made with mobile devices and more than 90% of Facebook usage is made mobile. Use of desktop is decreasing and potential customers spend their time in web more and more with mobile devices.

Also the amount of apps is increasing day by day. There are plenty of opportunities od companies to utilixe apps in their business.



The cloud services in digital marketing, like marketing automation, are becoming more popular. The services of marketing automation become better all the time and there are many different options for different kinds of companies. It will become a necessity in business within a few years.



Marketing, sales and customer service are becoming one and the customer experience is in the middle of all the actions. Getting your message through in this jugle of too much content in the web is difficult. There has been created more content in the web in two year more than there has ever been.

The best way to reach potential customers is to create unique and personalized content and segment target market more precise. The significance of unique content is becoming huge and more precise segmentation is needed to reach the target market. 



Even three out of for Twitter users are waiting an answer for their question in social media within an hour of time after asking. It'se time to fix your customer service, sales and marketing in socia media. Social media is part of daily life and important channel for customers. Companies need to be present in social media and social selling is becoming a norm. 

Social media is changing all the time too. Especially the youth are using more restricted social media channels (for example Snapchat and Whatsapp). Reaching target market is more difficult but same time this creates an opportunity for more personalized dialogue with potential customers. 



When the events of chaotic World are domitaning the news and social media, responsibility and equity are becoming more important in the daily base in companies. And if you do good things, don't forget to tell! Use those responsible acts in your marketing communications too. Ethicalness and responsibility should be a base for all the other acts. 

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