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Does it feel like the year 2017 happened in a blink of an eye. Yes, we do too. We gatherd together some trends that will definitely be seen 2018 in the world of marketing. Most of these you probably already know, but we think these trends will strenghten their status during next year. Here is a list of few marketing trends of 2018 to keep an eye on.


1. Data protection

GDPR (General data protection regulation) has been one of the most discussed topic of the year, in the world of marketing. GDPR EU’s new data protection regulation applies nerly every company, one way or another. GDPR comes into force May 2018 and by then every company needs to take it into account in every day work.

GDPR is not really a trend but it’s signification is so huge that it deserves it’s place in this trend list. You can read more about GDPR from our blog.


2. Content marketing

More and more companies have taken content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, for a reason. Content marketing produces nearly three times more leads and is significantly cost effective than traditional marketing. The idea is to create content that intrests your target group, produces added value and helps your customers during different states of the buying process.

The power of contents is bigger than you would imagine and the value of content marketing is going to grow even more in the near future. Only during last year there was about 200 milliard euros spent on content marketing and by the research of Technavio (2017) this number will grow up to 400 milliard euros during the next four years.


3. Personalization

Marketing communicating is becoming more and more personalized and the experience of the received marketing communication can be very unique to different people. Customers are more demanding and press the unsubscribe- and hide- buttons way more easier. Everything for everyone just doesn’t work anymore and if your content isn’t targeted to the right person, it might loose the whole meaning. The personalization and targeting of the contents is possible to do with a technique like marketing automation. Marketing automation has been a slowly growing trend for a long time know, and we believe it will keep growing it’s popularity in 2018.

Marketing automation is definitely the word of the day in marketing. Automation techniques are constantly developing towards more powerfull and usefull tools for sales and marketing to use in every day work. The results of marketing automation can be seen in the amount of the warm and quality leads. By combining efficient content marketing and marketing automation, you get the most out of your automation.


4. #nofilter

The world is done with the polished images, and photoshop. People want to see more authenticity. Autenticity will most likely become one of the keys in marketing. The contents will become more real, which you can already see in the growing popularity of live streaming. Brands need to find the courage to be #nofilter.

5. Videos

Researches show that video contents, get a lot more attention online and get more views, reactions, clicks and shares than other published contents. Youtube is the second most popular website in Finland, so it’s clear that videos are very efficient way of marketing.

Facebook live, Snapchat and Instagram stories. Does your company use some of these already? In addition to traditional videos, different videoservices are becoming more common all the time. People watch livevideos three times more than traditional cutted videos, but 2016 there was only a tiny fracture of marketeers exploiting this. Videos will become more common, even though this trend has been seen in marketing for years now.


6. AR & AI

Augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence have made their way into popular tools in marketing. Game industry has exploit the augmented reality for years now, huge thing for AR was Pokemon Go. Same kind of use of AR will most likely bee seen more in marketing in 2018.

Also it’s appearence in the field of marketing has done artificial intelligence. You can see this in the personalization of content and communication. AI is most seen in Chat services. Instead of having a person helping the customer in the chat, there is an always ready AI on the other side of the screen. Now is the time to get on board with artificial intelligence because it will grow it’s popularity during next year.


7. Instagram and LinkedIn

There is a lot going on in social media channels these days. The number of Instagram users is growing fastly and ”Stories” overtook Snapchats number of users in less than a year. Snapchat has experienced a huge downturn with the number of users and with the value of the stock. It has been said, that Instagram will become more popular social media channel than Facebook, also in B2B marketing world.

Twitters number of users didn’t grow in 2017, because the service has been focusing on getting more users instead of developing itself. Opposite from Twitter, LinkedIn’s popularity is growing constalty and it’s becoming a very efficient tool for B2B marketeers. It’s also developing all the time. Whilst Twitter is dying slowly, LinkedIn will strenghten it’s position as an powerfull tool for B2B marketeers to use.



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