Prepare B2B marketing and sales for digitalization

Vine had an honor to be a partner in Sales Morning 2017 event at Finlandia Hall in 14th March 2017. There was over 200 guests and Sales Morning was all about the future and efficiency of B2B sales. We had plenty of new ideas and we want to share ideas of Markus Ejenäs (CEO in ProSales institute) who's speech ”Are You Ready? How do you prepare the sales and marketing organization for digital transformation?” inspired us a lot. Here are 4 steps how you can prepare your B2B marketing and sales for digitalization:

Understand and map the customer journey. Customer buying process has changed due to digitalization. Even 70% of buying decision is made already before meeting a sales representative based on the information found online. Help your potential customer already in the beginning of the journey and offer them interesting content. 

- Maximize digital support for your sales process. You can make your sales process more efficient with for example automated communications, lead scoring and many other activities. Support your sales with digital services like marketing automation. 

- Be agile and data-driven. We have lots of data of which we can use in decision making. Use data and make changes in your business based on data. "They win who know the market and their customers."

- Build digital capabilities. Now it's at least time to take advantage of the new possibilities digitalization brings. Use for example social media and automation in your sales. Take care of your own knowledge.


Do you already know how automation helps sales? If you have any questions, download our guide to marketing automation (in Finnish) and learn the basics.

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