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Recipe of a quality lead

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Where to get quality leads? Where do they come from? And how to know that it really is a quality lead?

Especially on B2B markets, the most important thing marketing does is to develop quality leads for sales. And the most important thing for sales to do is to close the leads so they become customers. Sounds easy, right? Well it is not, both of these things are almost like eternity challenges for small and medium-sized companies. How does the lead production work out for example in companies with under 10 employees, which in Finland consists 94,7% of all the companies (2015)? In Finland 99,8% of the companies classify as small and middle-sized. 

Challenges in lead production is caused for example because of a shortage in resources and technology, or seeing marketing as a useless duty. In addition to these the buying deciion is done more and more based on the content found online, hidden from the company.

When talking about marketing you often hear a word multiplex marketing, also in leadproduction you can talk about multiplex leadproduction. When more quality leads are desired, it isn’t enough to collect them singulary from events, news, friend of a friend, social media, marketing and so on – all of these channels are needed together.

Take care that your website works as an effective lead generator. Websites are the place, where marketing communication leads and it’s a place where it’s easy to guide your visitors to do sertain things. In an optimal situation your website produces leads automatically. In able to do that you need content, technology and action prompts.

Make your website a wonderland, that identifies potential customers and guides them to function the way you want – and this way they convert in to leads and customers. 


Quality lead recipe is quite simple:



Why am I interested in your company or services? The mission of marketing is to attract potential customers to get acquinted with your company in different channels and this way to get them visit your website. In which channel you reach your target group best? The math of your websites simply works like this – you get more leads when you get more visitors and when the conversion on your website rises up. 


Will you take care of me when I’m in the begining of my buying process and will you tell me more about topics that intrest me? Nurturing potential customer means helping him with the topic that they are interested in judging by the actions he does online. You can do this for example by inviting a customer in the begining of their buying process to your webinar or offer him other interesting content. If a person is interested in the product A it is not effective to tell him about product B. Help customer in different ways in the different chapters of the buying process.


Why would I show greater interest towards your products or services and would want to be contacted? To get the website visitor to convert to a lead, CTA’s (call- to-action) are needed. Conversion optimating means that the website is modified so that it produces as much leads as possible in respect to the amount of visitors. Despite it’s name this isn’t a scientific task and with small adjustments you can get a lot of results.

After converting it is sales departments task to close the quality leads to become customers. Website is your most important tool, to produce leads. So invest to develope your website. Do you know what individual customers do on your website? 

To sales people marketing automation might sound like a rough system, that they don’t want anything to do with. When talking about lead generating, sales professionals show green light. It is important to understand, that marketing automation is a leadmachine. Automation helps to produce leads on your website and channels them automatically to sales, right when the lead is at it’s warmest.


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