Recipe of quality leads

The most important goal of marketing is to generate leads for sales.

The most ipostant goal of sales is to close deals with leads.

Sounds easy? Still these both are something SMes struggle with contantly. Quality leads and closing them into customer reatioships is vital for business. Where are thes quality leads coming from?


Where to you find your best leads? Do you collect leads from events, news, people you know, social media, from marketing or from somewhere else? Marketing leads don't often enjoy the trust of sales professionals. The situation can also be that marketing campaigns don't gengerate leads at all for some reason. The the ROI of marketing is negative, you need to make some changes in your habits. 

The field of marketing is changind and the biggest reason is digitalization. Marketing is more and more online and the amount spend to digital advertising is bigger now than ever. Digitalization affect sales too when even 70% of buying decision is made based on the information found online. Are you there then to give a helping hand?

Marketing can attract potential customers in many different channels like radio, social media, newsletter etc. but in the end the most important thing is what potential customer is doing on your website. Do you generate quality leads at your website and do you actually know what website visitors are doing on your website?

Actually the recipe of a quality lead is simple: Attract, nurture and convert:

- ATTRACT: Marketing needs to attract potential customers in different channels. Which channel your potential customers are using? Lead then to your website. The maths of a website visitors is actually simple: you'll get more leads when you get more website visitors and you'lee get more leads when you convert more website visitors to leads.

- NURTURE: With nurturing you help your potential customer with something he or she is interested in based on actions he or she has done on your website. Maybe you can invite that person to your webinar of other offer interesting content. If a person is interested of your product A then it doesn't make sense to tell that person more about your product B. 

- CONVERT: Conversion optimizing means that you modify your website the way the generate more leads compared to the amount of visitors. This is not a complicated task at all and you can utilize many different tools for this. With simple changes you can see big results. 

Aftert his is the goal of sales to close the deals. Your website is the most important tool to convert prospects into customers. So make your website the best version you can. Marketing automation might sound a major investment and something marketing works with. But when we talk about generating leads, sales professional are also showing green light. It is important to understand that marketing automation acutally means lead generation. Marketing automation can generate SQLs for sales. 

“If lead generation is king, marketing automation is King Kong.“


Steps for lead generation

1. Start cooperation with marketing professionals

Start cooperation with marketing to achieve better leads. You are the one, who knows what your customers want. You know the target group. Marketing knows how to create content for them. Cooperation with sales and marketing is an important start.

2. Choose your target group

Which is the best target group for your company right now to get more new customers?

3. Create interesting content

Marketing professionals make sure that your company has great visibility online. They create interesting content for the target group in different channels (website, social media, newsletters etc.). You’ll reach the target group with versatile content. Marketing automation takes care of generating hot leads for you.

4. Recognize hot leads

Consider together with marketing how potential customers act on your site. How to recognize great leads for sales? Potential customer can for example download a whitepaper, subscribe to a newsletter or visit some important pages on your website.

5. Start your lead engine

This basic information is enough for you to start marketing automation. Do you want know how to start the lead engine? Invest a moment of your time and learn more in an half an hour information flash.

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