Take a look at our clients’ stories on why they chose Vine.



Vine has exceeded all our expectations. We've been able to do more by working less. The CRM and marketing automation systems are both very light and user-friendy.

– Petra Rusi, Marketing Chief, Matkahuolto


The greatest advantage brought to us by Vine has been the possibility of widening our marketing circle. The numbers have grown up to 85-90 percent.

- Jussi Laaka, CEO, Attorney


I would absolutely recommend Vine to everyone - especially those that already know what kind of a message they want to send and what content they want to deliver, including the angle. After the baseline is clear, I can assure you that Vine will get you to the finish line.

- Niko Karjula, CEO, Circulos Oy


Vine is an amazing and effective marketing tool especially for companies that seek partnership and want to be there hands-on working together with the experts in building automation.

– Heidi Ramstedt-Otava, Marketing Chief, CardPlus Oy


It's exactly the bringing of customers where most of us entrepreneurs tend to struggle. The product and service are already developed to their greatest height. But it's sales that we really need.

– Eero Peurala, Business Creative, Markkinointihupi


Our goal for the three month trial was to get 20 new registrations to our service. As a result, we got 33 registrations and 120 warm leads.

– Miikka Linden, Founder,


One of our pivotal criteria for choosing Vine was the fact that it acknowledges the requirements of the Russian data protection regulations. The system was easily customised to suit our specific needs, and the deployment of the software was quick and flexible.

– Minna Kakko, Administration Manager, Suomalais-Venäläinen kauppakamari SVKK


If you want to be a winner, you’ve got to use the best tools and systems. That’s why we use Vine. It’s as simple as that.

– Mika Eskola, CEO, TPS


The greatest reason for choosing Vine were earlier positive experiences on how the system works and is in constant development. We have yet to see what great things we’ll be able to do with Vine in the future.

– Jari Väisänen, Sales Manager, Nordic Waterproofing



Vine is an amazing b2b sales tool that stores all crucial information in one place. In the morning I go to work, I open up Vine and only then I go on with my day. I would absolutely recommend this system, working without it would be very inconvenient.

− Taina Tamminen, Regional Manager, Marja Kurki


I have recommended Vine to many CEOs. We mostly use Vine for customer management and it is indeed a very crucial system to us. It works very well and shared calendars help in time management.

– Kari Juutilainen, CEO, InHunt Group


Vine bends to fit many different needs and purposes and is suitable for plenty of things. It is a versatile database system. We use it for documenting, billing and training management.

− Kari Sopanen, Education and Development Chief, KRAO


We use Vine for customer management: it includes a customer register and you can find everyone’s calendars there. Vine is very helpful in organising customer meetings and events.

− Nina Vaasvainio, Project Assistant, Motiva


Vine’s greatest advantage is in storing many different types of information in one place. Processing and analyzing that information becomes much easier when you don’t have to look around for it.

– Elina Mäkinen, Marketing Chief, Flowrox



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