Replication Tools

Vine Mobile Replication for Android

Vine Mobile Replication can help a Vine user who is often on the move to keep in touch with the latest information in the Vine CRM system. Using any modern Android phone or tablet, the user can synchronize contacts and appointments stored in the phone with those in the Vine database.

CalDAV support for iPad/iPhone

CalDAV is a standard protocol designed to access calendar information on a server. Support of CalDAV is built into Vine so you can use any Calendar application supporting CalDav to access your Vine scheduling data. For example, this is an easy solution to synchronize your Calendar on iPad/iPhone with your Vine Calendar.

Vine ActiveSync

Vine ActiveSync is a server solution to synchronize Vine events of users with their appointments in a groupware server (such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus-Domino) supporting the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. No special actions are needed from users. The replication works automatically on the Vine server and the users see Vine events appear in their client calendar applications, such as Outlook, and events from ActiveSync Server (e.g. Exchange) appear in their Vine calendars.

Vine Outlook Replication

This is a supplementary solution from Vine intended for cases when other replication methods do not fully cover your needs. You can directly synchronize your desktop Microsoft Outlook and Vine data using Vine Outlook Replication. It works by copying your Outlook meetings, appointments and contacts to the Vine server and, correspondingly, adding Vine events and persons to your Outlook.