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This text is only available in Finnish at the moment. 


This text is only available in Finnish at the moment. 


This text is only available in Finnish at the moment. 

This text is only available in Finnish. 


This text is only available in Finnish..


This text is only available in Finnish...



The founder of Markkinointihupin Eero Peurala writes a series of blogposts about starting up with Vine’s marketing automation. 

Now the signatures in Vines contract papers were on and it was time to start creating contents for the world to see. I found myself being confused in the first corner. There were a load of questions coming out of my mind.

To whom would we be sending all the messages about our knowledge, attitude, visions and way of thinking? Who exactly is our target group and how do we prioritise them? Do we just send messages to everyone, or will we be sending different contents to different people? How to create a good message and how often should the messages be sent? Now we needed manual. And we did find it and Vine gave us the rest. Here’s a few things about starting with marketing automation, that stuck on my mind.


Start immediately. (For real)

Send the first message as soon as possible. Now is the time when you should get moving and make results happen. Don’t think about the content and visual aspects for too long – it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning. Fix the message and visual appearance during the journey. Decide who is in charge of the project, and create a time line for it. Also create a strategy for the contents – what content to whom and when.


Determine the goals and budget (Realism)

Where are we now and where do we want to be? How many contacts do we want and how many potential customers do we have resources to meet up with? How much money do we need to reach our goals? Marketing has to be measured, it needs to be clear where the contacts are being found.


Determine target groups. (Be careful)

Some might use the word “buying personas”, never mind, but who are the most important (max. 4) target groups that we want to approach? “Truck drivers” isn’t enough on its own, it needs to be more detailed; age, gender, where does he live, how does he move around, income level, political view, hobbies and so on.

This is where we needed help from a professional, Vine. Now we know our target group better than ever. We have Mikko, Timo and Lissu separated to their own target groups.


Get messages through (So that they are opened)

To create messages based on who they are sent to, is very important. Not everything to everyone. A message every other month would be perfect, but less is enough too. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the best times to send a message.

Notice to put the link to the website on the right section of the message. Make the newsletter, blog and subscribing other information as easy as possible. Vine has tips and good instructions for doing this. A professional content creator would be your best friend at this point. It’s sometimes difficult to create content on your own.

This is what was needed to begin with marketing automation, and soon the first message was sent. We nearly forgot about the newsletter subscribing and feedback buttons from our website. Luckily Vine had scripts, or how ever they call them. Now the only thing to do is to measure, analyse the data and answer to contact requests.

- Eero Peurala, Markkinointihupi


Many companys who are thinking of getting started with marketing automation, are wondering what kind of results you can actually achieve with it. Here is an example from one of our customers results accomplished during our 3 month start package with marketing automation. They started marketing automation on their online service -palveluun.




Our customer achieved great results in their service already in three months with our trial package. Together we set clear targets for 3 months: The goal was to get 20 registrations on the website with the help of our marketing automation. The goal was calculated based on the previous results that had been achived in different ways. The goal was set a little more higher than earlier. Vine’s 3 month start package succeeded 165%. There was 33 registrations on the website and on top of this 120 warm leads for the sales team to contact.

In three months our customer sent 34 000 emails to 10 000 target groups of decision-makers. They sent four different emails. We measured the results and succes rate constantly. The other email campaign didn’t succeed as well as the first one, so we took this into account in the next emails. With the email marketing we got to results as: 10% clicks trough rate and 10% conversion rate (conversion rate is the relation between registrated and clickers).

In addition the people who clicked the links in emails, but did not register immediately, were contacted with drip-messages sent by the marketing automation. With the help of the drip-messages the conversion percentage was increased to even higher level.

Alredy during the 3 months the goal (20 registrations on the website) was accomplished easily (33 registrations) and on top of this our customer got 120 warm leads for their sales team to contact. With the help of goal setting it is possible to make sure that the marketing automation ROI is positive. During our 3 month trial package we quide our customer in the begining of their marketing automation experience and after the 3 months it’s easy for the customer to keep going by themselves – of course with the help of our customer service and experts.

Psst. It is possible to count the leadtarget for the marketing automation in a way that the ROI (return-on-investment) is positive. How many warm leads the marketing automation has to generate with the 3 month trial (1490€/3 months), so that the investment is productive?



X (number of leads) * succes rate of the booking calls * sales closing percentage * avarage value of the sales for 3 months ≥ 1490€.

For example: X (number of leads) * 25% (booked meetings/leadcall) * 50% (avarage closed sales percentage) * 1000 (avarage value of the sales for 3 months) ≥ 1490€.

x*0,25*0,5*1000 ≥ 1490€

125x ≥ 1490

x ≥ 11,92

So with the previous numbers, if the trial package produces up to 12 leads, the investment is productive. And we can easily guarantee this amount of quality leads!


The leads that marketing automation produces are warm and the people have clearly showed interest towards your product or service. Forget the cold calls and the hunting for leads and tell us, how many leads you wish the marketing automation to produce for your company during the 3 month trial (1490€/3 months), so that the investment is productive for you – We’ll tell you if that is possible!



”Vine is a great tool to boost up marketing, especially to companies who want to be hands in working with the automation.” - Heidi Ramstedt-Otava, marketing director, CardPlus Oy.

Our customer CardPlus is Finlands largest regular customer card supplier and offers a wide varity of quality identifier solutions. Also in addition to these, CardPlus offers services, devices and softwares including with the above mentioned solutions. Company was founded in 2009 and at the moment they have 25 employees.


CardPlus started the collaboration with Vine in February 2017. Marketing director Heidi Ramstedt-Otava says that they made a conscious decision in CardPlus, that they would put more effort into marketing during the year 2017.
Behind the idea of developing their company’s marketing was the goal of growing CardPlus’s recognizability and reach more potential customers. ”Even so the concept of marketing automation was very much new and unknown, we felt that we wanted to try it”


”At Vine they used the right way of telling us what marketing automation acctually does, and how we could concretely exploit it here in CardPlus.” Because marketing automation was quite a new thing for CardPlus in early 2017, it was very important in the choosing of the service provider that they were was able to describe the solution in a clear way.

Ramstedt-Otava thinks that CardPlus doesn’t have a clear target group and a random visitor rarely wanders to their website. A big influencer in the choosing of Vine was the integrated decision-maker details from Suomen Asiakastieto. With Vine, customer has the access to a quality and real-time details from Suomen Asiakastieto decision-maker register. This way it’s easy to download the target group you want for the use of marketing ”We felt that building a quality marketing register was easily done with Vine.”

As a domestic identifying solutions supplying company, CardPlus strives to preferably work with other Finnish companies. ”With Vine, we feel like the domesticity and an effective solution come together.”
About Vine, CardPlus especially appreciates the easy use and the fact that you can see results clearly. ”You don’t have to wait for reports, all the results and analytics are easy to see with Vine.” After the introduction, building marketing automation is possible and easy to do with your own hands and there is always help on the other side of the phone if needed.


CardPlus started marketing automation with Vine’s 3 month trial package. With the trial package it’s easy to start with marketing automation. 3 month trial package is easy and basically a risk free way to boost up your companys lead production and visible results are seen in only three months. After the three months you can decide if you want to keep using our Vine solution, or not.

CardPlus felt that the introduction of Vine was easy and quite stress free. ”Learning to use Vine was guick. It’s a logical software, that doesn’t require any special knowledge from it’s user.”

Marketing director Heidi tells us that in CardPlus it’s very important to create quality content and target it to the right people.”With the help of Vine we have felt that it’s easy to create and target content and email marketing to the right groups.” They think that with the help of Vine, theri email marketing has worked the way it should and customer receive interesting and meaningful content from them.

The use of Vine hasn’t been totally problem free for CardPlus but they want to give a special thanks for Vine’s quick reacting to every problem. ”When it comes to issues with Vine, we have always got help immediately. Customer service is always ready to help.”

”After the 3 month trial package we decided to continue the collaboration with Vine. Expectations and targets about marketing automation were fullfilled and we felt like it brought clear results directly to the revenue.” The main goal of CardPlus’s marketing, to grow recognizability, was achieved with effective and targeted newsletter communicating.

Moving from trial to a constant use of marketing automation is very easy: ”After the three months with Vine the follow-on with it was so easy.” During the trial our customers learn a lot about automation and after 3 months our customers are ready to continue the use on their own – of course with the help of our customer service.
CardPlus’s Heidi Ramstedt-Otava recommends definitely Vine to others too. ”Vine is a great tool if your company is in need to boost up the marketing, especially if you want to be hands on working with the marketing automation.”



The text of our customer, case, Circulos, is only available in Finnish. See the text from here.

This text is only available in Finnish.

”Vine works so much better for us than our old system”

Flowrox is known to be the reliable industrial solutions provider for demanding process conditions. The 40 years of experience in flow control and elastomer technology are obvious benefits we can offer.

Flowrox started using Vine to manage their customer database and delivery information. Vine replaced the old system and works so much better for Flowrox’s needs. When business grew and became international, Flowrow needed a system, which works well globally. Vine works very well for Flowrox’s needs and is flexible system.

“For example when sales representative sees customers, he or she marks the meeting information and all the notes to Vine. We collect at same time customer feedback”.

The use of Vine is very broad at Flowrox. Vine is for example used to send newsletters, maintain customer database and collect all important information to the same place.

“The biggest benefit for us it that Vine collect all important information to the same place. Finding and analyzing imformation is easy when there is no need to look for an information from many different places. Vine’s customer service reacts fast for our questions and we always get an answer to our problems and questions. There are customer service oriented people working at Vine and they help us in many different things – sometimes even in thing which are not related to Vine at all.”

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”If you want to be a winner, you need to use the best tools and systems. This is the reason for us to use Vine. That’s very simple.” – Mika Eskola, CEO, TPS. 

TPS is one of the biggest sport associations in Finland. Vine solves many challenges of the TPS organization. Organization has 60 permanent employees, 120 seasonal employees and 650 partners. It has approximately 900 players, 100 supporters and 150 coaches. Sales and marketing do different operations and there is plenty of important information of the organization accrued over 20 years of time. One of the challenges of the organization was that there was a huge amount of tacit knowledge. The goal was to share all that tacit knowledge with all the employees and to make the whole organization more transparent.

TPS started using Vine with CRM system. The old customer database was rebuilt with Vine CRM and now all that tacit knowledge is shared with all the necessary people. All the important information is transparent, updated and can be found in Vine. TPS also uses Vine’s common calendars which can be synchronized with phones.

Mika Eskola, CEO of TPS, has already 10 year experience as a Vine user. He sees many new possibilities to use Vine at TPS. Vine will be used more extensively in the near future. “Once I used Vine’s competitors system and I got quickly back to using Vine. That tells a lot. Vine is simple, versatile and easy to use.” Eskola has seen Vine’s life cycle and believes that Vine brings competitive advantage for their organization.

TPS is very happy with Vine’s new address service created with Suomen Asiakastieto. Suomen Asiakastieto brings quality company and decision-maker data straight to Vine’s customers’ use. It’s the only service provider in Finland with a service, in which our customers can add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM and marketing automation. Now TPS improves its customer information with Vine’s address service. Customer database is easy to create and maintain with updated information from Suomen Asiakastieto.

“Before, when we got new customers, we needed to fill in all needed information manually one customer by one. Now all this information comes automatically. This saves so much time and effort. It also helps finding new leads. We can find the name of the company, contact information, right persons etc.”

The main reason to start using Vine was the simplicity and versatility in use. One important reason was to create customer database, which is easy to use. TPS also wanted to improve sales department’s actions. Now all the actions of sales can be found in Vine. Vine creates a base for TPS to work efficiently.

In the near future TPS will also improve its marketing with Vine marketing automation. The goal is to improve communication and generate more leads. The objective is to start using Vine at TPS more broadly and the goals are high. “We are in this business to win it. And we only use systems and partners which help us to achieve this goal.”

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Nordic Waterproofing Oy relinquished Vine CRM in connection with ownership change in 2011. They, however, faced the fact that ERP is inadequate when it comes to account management and marketing. In the spring of 2015 they returned as Vine customers.

Nordic Waterproofing Oy, an expert in roofing and waterproofing, manufactures and markets Kerabit roofing products among others in Finland and abroad. Nordic Waterproofing Oy has a history of more than hundred year and the roots in Lemminkäinen Group, from where the company was taken over by a Danish private equity investor in 2011. During its time with Lemminkäinen, Nordic Waterproofing Oy used Vine CRM like the rest of the group. Along with the ownership change came the decision to transfer solely to ERP and to manage accounts in there.

Managing customer data in ERP problematic

However, the weaknesses in ERP’s suitability to customer relationship management soon came to light. After giving up on CRM they planned and followed sales and customer activities mainly by Outlook and sales reporting was handled by monthly reporting templates that sales people manually filled in. The Sales Director Jari Väisänen, says that the biggest problem was however the lack of up-to-date customer information. Management of customer data and target groups was not specifically successful in ERP and therefore the company had to resort to a substantial amount of Excel spreadsheets, for example, to send newsletters and organize the sending of invitations to customer events. Väisänen points out that "the problem arose when all customer contact, newsletter target groups and customer event invitation lists were scattered here and there in odd spreadsheets. Maintaining and updating of target groups was difficult and their up-to dateness was not guaranteed."

One place for customer relationships and marketing

The desire to handle all customer relationship management and marketing -related data in one, shared space, was the key factor in returning to Vine. Nordic Waterproofing Oy starts using Vine first in their domestic sales team of 8 people. Their intention is to comprehensively utilize Vine by centralizing customer management, sales planning and reporting as well as marketing in Vine. Sales Director Väisänen is particularly pleased with the possibility of sending newsletters from the same place where the customer data and the target groups are managed: "Vine provides us with everything in one place; we manage customer groups, target groups and mailing lists, send newsletters and also follow what we communicate to whom."

In the future, Nordic Waterproofing Oy will use ERP for management of order and supply processes, while the document and customer data management will be done exclusively in Vine. Väisänen speaks for the concentrating on two systems. "Vine and ERP support each other: we can manage and complete all the issues in these two systems."

Väisänen adds that the decision to return to Vine was easy since it was already familiar: "The main reason we chose Vine was that we had good experience on how the system works. Introduction is also easier because sales people already know the system. It is worth noting, that in just few years Vine has evolved and gone far ahead. There are lots of new features in the service nowadays. I am eager to see what we can do with Vine in the future!”.

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