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We’ve started a partnership with Suomen Asiakastieto and we bring Asiakastieto’s quality company and decision-maker data straight to our customers’ use. We are the only serviceprovider in Finland with a service, in which our customers can add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM and marketing automation.

We wanted to make creating and maintaining a customer and marketing database as easy and as effortless as possible for our customers. We believe that Vine Address Service does just that.

Vine Address Service gives customers the freedom to create and expand their marketing database when and how they want to. The service makes it possible to search and add new data right away to the marketing database and also takes care of the timeliness of the data. Our customers can forget about the tedious task of manually updating customer data as well as having to undergo challenging updating projects. Vine Address Service keeps the data automatically always up to date.

Comprehensive and high-quality marketing database

With Vine Address service our customers can easily create a marketing database based on the high-quality company and decision-maker data by Suomen Asiakastieto. Our customers can gather a marketing database of their wished size and choose companies according to their preferred conditions. Users can choose companies based on for example industry, location, personnel size and key financial indicators.

Our customers can also use Vine Address Service to update their existing customer and marketing database. Our service updates the existing information on companies and decision-makers in the marketing database according with Asiakastieto’s newest data.

Adding individual companies and decision-makers straight to marketing database

Vine Address Service is the only service in Finland, where customers can search and add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM. The service lets customers search for companies and people by name, download the data they found and have it in use immediately.

Let’s look at an example. A salesperson gets a contact request from an unknown person from a company that doesn’t ring any bells. With Vine Address Service, the salesperson can look up the person in Vine and download all information related to the company and its employees with just one click. The salesperson will get information on the company’s industry, key financial figures and contact information. They’ll also get information on all decision-makers in the company and see the title, responsibilities and contact details for the person who just asked for a contact. All the information will at once also be available to everyone in the organization. Finding and saving decision-maker data to CRM can hardly get easier and quicker than this!

Expanding the marketing database with larger samples

In addition to individual searches, customers can also use Vine Address Service to expand their marketing database by downloading information on multiple companies at once. Users can search for companies according to conditions of their choosing, for example based on industry, location or size. It’s also possible to limit the search according to the responsibilities of decision-makers. One possible search could be “Companies, which industry is construction, which location is Tampere, which personnel size is 10 to 50 and which have a person who is responsible for purchasing”. This particular search would bring 20 companies.

Customer data always automatically up to date.

Vine Address Service automatically takes care of the timeliness of our customers’ marketing databases. The service updates changed information once a month based on Asiakastieto’s newest information. Our customers no longer need to worry about updating information but can focus on reaping the benefits of up-to-date customer information. Automating routine tasks like this saves time and leaves room for example for developing marketing and sales. An up-to-date marketing database is also a necessary starting point for example for launching email marketing or marketing automation.

The first of our customers have just recently started using Vine Address Service. We cannot wait to hear their user experiences and practical situations in which our service can help our customers! We will surely share some of these practical experiences in our blog later on.

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An up-to-date customer and marketing database is the best fuel for sales and marketing. When did your company last update its customer and marketing database? Do you update your database regularly, and is there anyone else responsible for doing that other than the sales people? Unfortunately, the fact is often that only few companies have time and resources for updating their customer and marketing database regularly.

Over the course of years, information included in the marketing and customer database might be gathered in excel files, emails, notebooks, as well as even in sales people’s memory. Thus, for the most of the time the information in marketing and customer database might be incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant. Bad quality of information can lead to unnecessary sales contacts, targeting marketing messages to wrong people, or even to losing potential customers, among other things.

What comes to business, reaching the right people on the right time is naturally more efficient option than mass communication which the company, fingers crossed, then hopes to be able to reach interested, potential customers. Communication tactics based on “Reaches if it happens to reach” –attitude won’t be a wise choice on the long run. It’s somewhat comparable to archery, where the arrow would be randomly shot towards a hidden target.

How to improve your B2B –marketing database:

Gather customers, prospects and stakeholders in one place
You’ll save time, and ensure the quality of information as you don’t have jump from excel sheet to another when handling information
Categorize companies, and define the roles of people
Your message is more influential if you know whom you’re writing to, and analyzing becomes easier when you know who’s reacting to the message
Take care of information being up-to-date
Companies move and employees change continuously, old information and its bad quality makes communication blurry
Collect customers’ reactions
Customer reaction is more important than a sent message, target and choose your following messages based on people’s reactions
Remove unnecessary manual work and delays
Automate changes in customer information, newsletter subscriptions, and processing of invalid email addresses

With the help of a high-quality customer and marketing database, it’s easier to hit the right target. If your database is up-to-date, extensive, accurate, and includes relevant information what comes to the industry of your company, you instantly get a better chance to succeed through your communication. Sales and marketing will then be targeted to right people, and your communications won’t thus be based on random actions. Providing the same extensive and up-to-date information also to your colleagues gives even more people, and therefore the whole company, a better chance to hit targets.

You are able to better target your marketing messages to the right people, and can also design them based on reliable database information. Sales contacts the right people and also avoids many unnecessary contacts. Management gets a better view on company’s present state, which makes strategy planning and customer oriented business development easier and more efficient.


An ideal situation would obviously be such where your customer and marketing database would be updated automatically and continuously. If so, you’d get extensive and up-to-date information of a good quality, based on those groups of companies and people which are relevant for your company, specifically. We listened to our customers, and packaged the company and decision-maker database and search tools of Suomen Asiakastieto, and automated information transfers and continuous, monthly updates into Vine Address Service. The service saves time, which benefits our customers’ sales, marketing, as well as management. Decisions and actions based on high-quality decision-maker information can guide also your company’s “arrow” towards the right target, and thus also towards better results.

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