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Email marketing has a questionable reputation as a result of the messages you receive in your mailbox without wanting to. But you also receive interesting content that you want to read: For example blogposts about things that you find interesting, or offers on products you actually use. Newsletters have hit the goal when you find yourself clicking links, like you most likely have done. What kind of newsletters have worked for you in the past? What is the reason why email marketing has worked and what is the reason behind when it hasn’t?

The popularity of email marketing has (suprisingly) increased. Quality email marketing is an efficient way to reach your target group but when it fails it can easily turn against itself. When you do email marketing, take care that your messages are targeted to speak to the receiving end. Here are 8 tips for succesful email marketing:



Send your emails at a time when the receiver has time to open the message. The right timing can make a huge difference in the open- and click-through-rates. You can find the right time for your target group by testing different times and measuring the results of your messages.

In B2B-marketing most companies send email marketing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when most of us are at the office. As a result this causes that most of the newsletters are sent on weekdays. So here is an opportunity to do something different: What if you would send your newsletter on a Friday or even on a Sunday?



Build emails that urge the receiver to react. Newsletter that bring in results have a CTA (call-to-action) in them. What is the goal of your newsletter? Build your newsletters and the CTA’s based on your goal.

Avoid conditional and use verbs that tell the reader what to do: Download, watch, read, get to know and so on. Forget about capslock and exlamation point, because no one want to BE YELLED AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Design is not as important, as the content itself but it does help your newsletter to stand out in the jungle on email marketing. What kind of design that looks like your brand your newsletters could stand out from the groud? You can use colours, whitespace and imagination in yout desing.



Everything to everyone doesn’t work. Share content that works for your target group. Pleasing the outsiders of target group doesn’t mean anything.

Emails that the receiver finds useless, are being marked as read or worst case scenarias trash.These will worsen the reputation of your domain,which will make it more difficult to reach your newsletter subscribers.

If the open rates of your messages are low, find out the reason why immediately and make changes, to get the open rates up. If you mailing lists with low open- and click-through-rates, stop sending messages to them.

Carefully targeted email marketing gets better open- and click-through-rates and it’s clear as day that it gets better results. Targeting newsletters with the help of demographic information might already be used in many companies but what about targeting based on the actions person does? This is where marketing automation steps in the picture.



Title has a big impact on the fact if the email will be openedo r not. Read outloud the title before sending the message. Would you open the message with the title you gave it? 

a. Emojies

With the help of emojies you can these days form whole sentences. Emojies also work well in the titeling of email marketing. Even one emiji can help you stand out from the groud and spice up the black and white.

b. Questions

Questions work well as titels of emails. What kind of questions are relevant to your target group? If the question sinks in, who can not find out about more about the subject?

c. Number of characters

If your title is too long, it won’t show in all devices, like on mobile. Most of the emails are been read in mobile these days, so keep your title on max 50 characters. No one wants to read a too long title which leads to your messages marked as read. One research says that best titles are 5 and 3 word titles. Make it short and clear!

d. Numbers

Numbers help you stand out in email marketing. They bring the feeling of concrete facts and are easy to understand. Like in blogpost titlesin email marketing numbers work well.

e. Clarity

We all scan our emails through quite fastly. So don’t form a too complicated title to your message. Short and clear works in a title much better than difficult and fancy words.

f. Testing

Trying different things, you’ll learn what works best for your audience. Test different variations in your titles.

You van also A/B test your titles: Send the same message to the same target group at the same time divided in two groups. Put different titles in both group. This way you get a understanding on what works best for your target group.



Make your email marketing receiver feel special and personalize your newsletters by at least usin the persons firstname. Stay simple and only use information like firstname, lastname or company where he or she works at.

Don’t send messages from ”noreply” address, instead personalize the address. We for example use address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as our address in the newsletter. Send your messages from an address where the person can also reply. You can also personalize your messages by writing content as you would be writing it to your best friend.



Serve your customer truly good and interesting content. This is an obvious point, but it should always be kept in mind when doing email marketing.

Good contents speak to the receiver. Don’t only inform about your company’s products or update about your current situation because your customers are not interested on these things. Send content that gives your receiver value. Put on your customers shoes and think about what kind of content would be useful for him or her.

Newsletters are a great way to communicate and usually this is the idea behind email marketing.



Why do you do email marketing? Email marketing should be goal oriented, long term process. Goals also make the measuring possible and this way help with the constant developing.

Every company’s audience and marketing register are different, so the secret behind effective email marketing is testing. Trying different options you can find the best way for you to succeed in email marketing. By following the results you’ll learn to know your target group better. What kind of content, title, timing, desing and so on works best for your audience?


The founder of Markkinointihupin Eero Peurala writes a series of blogposts about starting up with Vine’s marketing automation. 

Now the signatures in Vines contract papers were on and it was time to start creating contents for the world to see. I found myself being confused in the first corner. There were a load of questions coming out of my mind.

To whom would we be sending all the messages about our knowledge, attitude, visions and way of thinking? Who exactly is our target group and how do we prioritise them? Do we just send messages to everyone, or will we be sending different contents to different people? How to create a good message and how often should the messages be sent? Now we needed manual. And we did find it and Vine gave us the rest. Here’s a few things about starting with marketing automation, that stuck on my mind.


Start immediately. (For real)

Send the first message as soon as possible. Now is the time when you should get moving and make results happen. Don’t think about the content and visual aspects for too long – it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning. Fix the message and visual appearance during the journey. Decide who is in charge of the project, and create a time line for it. Also create a strategy for the contents – what content to whom and when.


Determine the goals and budget (Realism)

Where are we now and where do we want to be? How many contacts do we want and how many potential customers do we have resources to meet up with? How much money do we need to reach our goals? Marketing has to be measured, it needs to be clear where the contacts are being found.


Determine target groups. (Be careful)

Some might use the word “buying personas”, never mind, but who are the most important (max. 4) target groups that we want to approach? “Truck drivers” isn’t enough on its own, it needs to be more detailed; age, gender, where does he live, how does he move around, income level, political view, hobbies and so on.

This is where we needed help from a professional, Vine. Now we know our target group better than ever. We have Mikko, Timo and Lissu separated to their own target groups.


Get messages through (So that they are opened)

To create messages based on who they are sent to, is very important. Not everything to everyone. A message every other month would be perfect, but less is enough too. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the best times to send a message.

Notice to put the link to the website on the right section of the message. Make the newsletter, blog and subscribing other information as easy as possible. Vine has tips and good instructions for doing this. A professional content creator would be your best friend at this point. It’s sometimes difficult to create content on your own.

This is what was needed to begin with marketing automation, and soon the first message was sent. We nearly forgot about the newsletter subscribing and feedback buttons from our website. Luckily Vine had scripts, or how ever they call them. Now the only thing to do is to measure, analyse the data and answer to contact requests.

- Eero Peurala, Markkinointihupi


”Vine is a great tool to boost up marketing, especially to companies who want to be hands in working with the automation.” - Heidi Ramstedt-Otava, marketing director, CardPlus Oy.

Our customer CardPlus is Finlands largest regular customer card supplier and offers a wide varity of quality identifier solutions. Also in addition to these, CardPlus offers services, devices and softwares including with the above mentioned solutions. Company was founded in 2009 and at the moment they have 25 employees.


CardPlus started the collaboration with Vine in February 2017. Marketing director Heidi Ramstedt-Otava says that they made a conscious decision in CardPlus, that they would put more effort into marketing during the year 2017.
Behind the idea of developing their company’s marketing was the goal of growing CardPlus’s recognizability and reach more potential customers. ”Even so the concept of marketing automation was very much new and unknown, we felt that we wanted to try it”


”At Vine they used the right way of telling us what marketing automation acctually does, and how we could concretely exploit it here in CardPlus.” Because marketing automation was quite a new thing for CardPlus in early 2017, it was very important in the choosing of the service provider that they were was able to describe the solution in a clear way.

Ramstedt-Otava thinks that CardPlus doesn’t have a clear target group and a random visitor rarely wanders to their website. A big influencer in the choosing of Vine was the integrated decision-maker details from Suomen Asiakastieto. With Vine, customer has the access to a quality and real-time details from Suomen Asiakastieto decision-maker register. This way it’s easy to download the target group you want for the use of marketing ”We felt that building a quality marketing register was easily done with Vine.”

As a domestic identifying solutions supplying company, CardPlus strives to preferably work with other Finnish companies. ”With Vine, we feel like the domesticity and an effective solution come together.”
About Vine, CardPlus especially appreciates the easy use and the fact that you can see results clearly. ”You don’t have to wait for reports, all the results and analytics are easy to see with Vine.” After the introduction, building marketing automation is possible and easy to do with your own hands and there is always help on the other side of the phone if needed.


CardPlus started marketing automation with Vine’s 3 month trial package. With the trial package it’s easy to start with marketing automation. 3 month trial package is easy and basically a risk free way to boost up your companys lead production and visible results are seen in only three months. After the three months you can decide if you want to keep using our Vine solution, or not.

CardPlus felt that the introduction of Vine was easy and quite stress free. ”Learning to use Vine was guick. It’s a logical software, that doesn’t require any special knowledge from it’s user.”

Marketing director Heidi tells us that in CardPlus it’s very important to create quality content and target it to the right people.”With the help of Vine we have felt that it’s easy to create and target content and email marketing to the right groups.” They think that with the help of Vine, theri email marketing has worked the way it should and customer receive interesting and meaningful content from them.

The use of Vine hasn’t been totally problem free for CardPlus but they want to give a special thanks for Vine’s quick reacting to every problem. ”When it comes to issues with Vine, we have always got help immediately. Customer service is always ready to help.”

”After the 3 month trial package we decided to continue the collaboration with Vine. Expectations and targets about marketing automation were fullfilled and we felt like it brought clear results directly to the revenue.” The main goal of CardPlus’s marketing, to grow recognizability, was achieved with effective and targeted newsletter communicating.

Moving from trial to a constant use of marketing automation is very easy: ”After the three months with Vine the follow-on with it was so easy.” During the trial our customers learn a lot about automation and after 3 months our customers are ready to continue the use on their own – of course with the help of our customer service.
CardPlus’s Heidi Ramstedt-Otava recommends definitely Vine to others too. ”Vine is a great tool if your company is in need to boost up the marketing, especially if you want to be hands on working with the marketing automation.”




Email is still one of the best ways to reach business decision-makers. Perhaps simply because email is the most common tool in business and for many, email easily takes up most of the working time. Correspondingly, email marketing in the form of newsletters is a good solution to many of the common challenges in B2B-marketing.

Newsletters are an easy way to reach your audience and to target and personalize the message to individual decision-makers. When sent regularly, a newsletter helps to keep your organization remembered by customers. By regularly offering beneficial content to your readers you create credibility as an expert of your field and encourage your readers’ interest towards your products or services. Newsletters are also a comparatively inexpensive and easily measurable marketing tool. A regular newsletter can make it significantly easier to demonstrate the results of your marketing.

Starting a newsletter is easier than you may think. You don’t need a big marketing department or highly developed digital marketing. You can start a newsletter even if your website is not perfect or advertising in google seems a distant dream at most. A regular newsletter can be a good first step into the world of digital marketing and can create a basis for further developing your digital marketing.

Here are four steps to get you started with your newsletter!

1. Define the goal of your newsletter

When starting a regular newsletter, the first thing you should do is to define your goal. What is it that you seek with the newsletter? Do you want to make your current customers more committed to your company? Do you want more sales from them? Are you perhaps looking to gain more brand-awareness? Do you wish to find sales leads? It’s a good idea to clarify your goal at the start, because it is the key to defining your target audience as well as the style and content of your newsletter.

Think about how often you want to send your newsletter. Regularity doesn’t necessarily have to mean a newsletter every week or even every month. Start for example by sending your newsletter quarterly. Especially if your goal is to sell more to your current customers, the most important thing is that they hear from you in the first place and your company stays on their minds.

2. Choose your target audience

Once you’ve defined your goal, choose who you want to reach with your newsletter. Do you want to compile your target audience from your current customers, your existing contacts or new and unknown contacts? A good idea is also to divide your target audience to smaller parts for example based on customer type, industry or responsibilities of the individual recipients.

Remember that you can only send a newsletter to consumers, when you’ve received a proper consent from them. Company decision-makers on the other hand can be approached if the content of your newsletter has to do with their work responsibilities.

Even if your marketing database is not up-to-date, you will find contacts for sure. Gather for example everyone you’ve met at trade fares and contacts from past sales projects. New contacts can easily be found from many service providers, for example Vine Address Service.

Get more tips for managing your marketing database and target audience in our previous blogpost >>

Are you in need of new contacts? Get to know Vine Address Service >>

3. Tailor the content and message according to your target audience

Think, what content do you have to offer? Will you guide your readers from the newsletter to blogposts that show your expertise, or will you share reference stories or videos? The content of your newsletter depends on your goal and your target audience.

Plan your content according to how well your target audience knows your company and your services. For people who are not familiar with your organization, its good to forget about service descriptions and product catalogs. Introduce yourself and focus on proving your expertise with useful content. However, a newsletter targeted to current customers can be more product-centered. You can for example give useful tips on your products or services, introduce new product features or new services and perhaps even make offers.

Pay attention especially to choosing the topics for your newsletters, for they play a key role in catching the attention of your recipients and determine whether or not your message will be opened. Also the design of your newsletter matters and especially quality pictures are good to invest in. Don’t forget to personalize your newsletter. A newsletter addressing the reader by name and providing content that is of interest to them will certainly work better than a mass mailing.

Read more about easy content creation in our blog Offer content to life >>

4. Follow results and develop

One of the best advantages of email marketing is the tractability of its results. You can analyze how well your newsletter did and how interesting your content was for each target group. You can see how well your newsletter was received and how much your links have been followed.

When you want more precise results and better analysis, get to know marketing automation. With marketing automation, you can see the success of your newsletter even on the level of individuals and you can see exactly who clicked the links on your newsletter to your website. With a regular newsletter you will learn to know your loyal readers and get an idea of which of your services they may be interested in.

It is a good idea to follow the reactions of your newsletter readers also in a development sense, as they tell how well your message and content work. Make use of the feedback: do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Try, study and develop.


Be brave to just start

The most important thing about starting a newsletter is simply just starting. You don’t need a big content machine or specific plans to get started. Practice will teach the best ways and you can refine and develop as you go.

We organize Newsletter communication and content webinars regularly. Please notice that our webinars are held in FinnishCheck out the upcoming webinars from the following link.



With Vine you can take care of your newsletter all the way from managing your target group to finding sales leads. Marketing automation also facilitates managing the routine tasks of communication. We also help our customers get started with email marketing. Our experienced experts train and support our customers by helping to make newsletter templates and by sharing good practices.



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We launched our own ready-to-use marketing automation solution about a year ago. Get a taste of Vine marketing automation and see your own lead score as an example.

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We’ve started a partnership with Suomen Asiakastieto and we bring Asiakastieto’s quality company and decision-maker data straight to our customers’ use. We are the only serviceprovider in Finland with a service, in which our customers can add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM and marketing automation.

We wanted to make creating and maintaining a customer and marketing database as easy and as effortless as possible for our customers. We believe that Vine Address Service does just that.

Vine Address Service gives customers the freedom to create and expand their marketing database when and how they want to. The service makes it possible to search and add new data right away to the marketing database and also takes care of the timeliness of the data. Our customers can forget about the tedious task of manually updating customer data as well as having to undergo challenging updating projects. Vine Address Service keeps the data automatically always up to date.

Comprehensive and high-quality marketing database

With Vine Address service our customers can easily create a marketing database based on the high-quality company and decision-maker data by Suomen Asiakastieto. Our customers can gather a marketing database of their wished size and choose companies according to their preferred conditions. Users can choose companies based on for example industry, location, personnel size and key financial indicators.

Our customers can also use Vine Address Service to update their existing customer and marketing database. Our service updates the existing information on companies and decision-makers in the marketing database according with Asiakastieto’s newest data.

Adding individual companies and decision-makers straight to marketing database

Vine Address Service is the only service in Finland, where customers can search and add company and decision-maker data straight to their CRM. The service lets customers search for companies and people by name, download the data they found and have it in use immediately.

Let’s look at an example. A salesperson gets a contact request from an unknown person from a company that doesn’t ring any bells. With Vine Address Service, the salesperson can look up the person in Vine and download all information related to the company and its employees with just one click. The salesperson will get information on the company’s industry, key financial figures and contact information. They’ll also get information on all decision-makers in the company and see the title, responsibilities and contact details for the person who just asked for a contact. All the information will at once also be available to everyone in the organization. Finding and saving decision-maker data to CRM can hardly get easier and quicker than this!

Expanding the marketing database with larger samples

In addition to individual searches, customers can also use Vine Address Service to expand their marketing database by downloading information on multiple companies at once. Users can search for companies according to conditions of their choosing, for example based on industry, location or size. It’s also possible to limit the search according to the responsibilities of decision-makers. One possible search could be “Companies, which industry is construction, which location is Tampere, which personnel size is 10 to 50 and which have a person who is responsible for purchasing”. This particular search would bring 20 companies.

Customer data always automatically up to date.

Vine Address Service automatically takes care of the timeliness of our customers’ marketing databases. The service updates changed information once a month based on Asiakastieto’s newest information. Our customers no longer need to worry about updating information but can focus on reaping the benefits of up-to-date customer information. Automating routine tasks like this saves time and leaves room for example for developing marketing and sales. An up-to-date marketing database is also a necessary starting point for example for launching email marketing or marketing automation.

The first of our customers have just recently started using Vine Address Service. We cannot wait to hear their user experiences and practical situations in which our service can help our customers! We will surely share some of these practical experiences in our blog later on.

Vine organizes webinars for example on B2B marketing database. Read more and register for our webinars >>

Would you like to see how Vine Address Service can help you with maintaining your marketing database? Leave your contact information and one of our specialists will contact you to set up a time for a demo!


Read more about Vine Address Service >>

An up-to-date customer and marketing database is the best fuel for sales and marketing. When did your company last update its customer and marketing database? Do you update your database regularly, and is there anyone else responsible for doing that other than the sales people? Unfortunately, the fact is often that only few companies have time and resources for updating their customer and marketing database regularly.

Over the course of years, information included in the marketing and customer database might be gathered in excel files, emails, notebooks, as well as even in sales people’s memory. Thus, for the most of the time the information in marketing and customer database might be incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant. Bad quality of information can lead to unnecessary sales contacts, targeting marketing messages to wrong people, or even to losing potential customers, among other things.

What comes to business, reaching the right people on the right time is naturally more efficient option than mass communication which the company, fingers crossed, then hopes to be able to reach interested, potential customers. Communication tactics based on “Reaches if it happens to reach” –attitude won’t be a wise choice on the long run. It’s somewhat comparable to archery, where the arrow would be randomly shot towards a hidden target.

How to improve your B2B –marketing database:

Gather customers, prospects and stakeholders in one place
You’ll save time, and ensure the quality of information as you don’t have jump from excel sheet to another when handling information
Categorize companies, and define the roles of people
Your message is more influential if you know whom you’re writing to, and analyzing becomes easier when you know who’s reacting to the message
Take care of information being up-to-date
Companies move and employees change continuously, old information and its bad quality makes communication blurry
Collect customers’ reactions
Customer reaction is more important than a sent message, target and choose your following messages based on people’s reactions
Remove unnecessary manual work and delays
Automate changes in customer information, newsletter subscriptions, and processing of invalid email addresses

With the help of a high-quality customer and marketing database, it’s easier to hit the right target. If your database is up-to-date, extensive, accurate, and includes relevant information what comes to the industry of your company, you instantly get a better chance to succeed through your communication. Sales and marketing will then be targeted to right people, and your communications won’t thus be based on random actions. Providing the same extensive and up-to-date information also to your colleagues gives even more people, and therefore the whole company, a better chance to hit targets.

You are able to better target your marketing messages to the right people, and can also design them based on reliable database information. Sales contacts the right people and also avoids many unnecessary contacts. Management gets a better view on company’s present state, which makes strategy planning and customer oriented business development easier and more efficient.


An ideal situation would obviously be such where your customer and marketing database would be updated automatically and continuously. If so, you’d get extensive and up-to-date information of a good quality, based on those groups of companies and people which are relevant for your company, specifically. We listened to our customers, and packaged the company and decision-maker database and search tools of Suomen Asiakastieto, and automated information transfers and continuous, monthly updates into Vine Address Service. The service saves time, which benefits our customers’ sales, marketing, as well as management. Decisions and actions based on high-quality decision-maker information can guide also your company’s “arrow” towards the right target, and thus also towards better results.

Read more about Vine Address Service >>

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