Technical information about Vine

Vine servers are located in Finland in local data centers, where the security, access control, fire safety and power supply is taken care of in the most professional way. Back-up copies from all the customer data are taken once a day and the system's condition and up-to-dateness is ensured once a month by a scheduled maintenance break.

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E-mail integration goes two-way. Contact people's e-mail adressess can be exported from Vine to the following programs: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Qualcomm Eudora.

You can also send e-mail to Vine or you can move a message from your own e-mail to Vine with drag & drop function. If e-mail addresses are saved to Vine, those mails will be saved automatically in both sender's and receiver's company history.

Calendar and contact information can be replicated in Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Replication enables sharing the calendar with the users who don't use Vine service.

Calendar and contact data can also be replicated in mobile phones. This application allows the user's calendar and contact data to be transferred from Vine to the mobile phone and vice versa.

Vine mobile application is available on Android. There is also a limited support for Windows and iOS mobile platforms. For more information about the support of other mobile platforms, please contact Vine customer service.

It is possible to protect data by user groups. In principle, all information is visible to all users. Some information (e.g. sales projects, calendars or mailing lists) can be protected to be visible either to one user or a limited group.

The service is also available without server connection. In this case the data will be stored in a local database  in user's computer, where it can be used without internet acces. When internet access is available, data replicates automatically with your own database. Remote access without connection to the server requires own client software installation.

The user has lots of reporting possibilities. Vines own search tools can process data in a table format and it can be exported to Excel for further processing.

Vine is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, German, Russian and Norwegian languages.



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