Thoughts about digitalization from a millenial

I’m definitely a diginative. I haven’t lived a day in a world without computers or mobile phones, and I find it very difficult to imagine a time without them. I spend a big part of my days in front of different sized screens. The technologic development has been a base to modern welfare, and with its help it is possible to solve many big problems around the globe. Technology is a part of the unstoppable wave of change that constantly follows life.
Digitalization is often thought about as the fourth industrial revolution. Understandably, there are a lot of threats: what if children no more play outside together but rather only play games on their tablet computers? Current professions will no longer exist. Can you trust your virtual fund to be stable?

Technology is meant to make your life easier. But does it help a little too much? Are we raising our children towards a generation of helpless people that cannot take care of themselves?

It’s good to proportion these fears to the past. The wheel was invented four thousand years before the beginning of time. At the time the invention was a mathematical miracle that revolutionized work. Many of our trivial luxuries are still based on the wheel. Could you imagine a life without it? All people have once been self-sufficient, surely even some of our great-grandparents. Would you be ready to grow the food you eat? Sew your own clothes?
Change and technology have created the base to modern conveniences. The beginning of technological development gave people time to do research, discover and invent better solutions to everyday problems. The more tools we have for development, the faster we progress.

Today’s children no longer need to buy themselves many items that used to be really important. A map and a compass as well as a pen, a notebook and a calendar can all be found in your smartphone. Object have gotten a digital shape. In Finland we live in a society that hands you all you need to live on a silver platter. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t be work to be done: the fulfilment of basic human needs is the premise for innovations that help us use the information around us in a better, more efficient way. With digitalization, when we have all the knowledge in the world accessible to everyone, instead of only doing research we can concentrate to processing and shaping the information.

Reformation and people’s distrust towards it are recurrent phenomena in history and digitalization is easily comparable to, for example, the industrialization. Professions disappear but new ones will form.
Nothing is forever except change.

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