Tips for more targeted marketing

The amount of content has raised up to clouds because of digitalisation. There is a lot of different marketing communication coming from different channels all the time. People are more and more busy and racing with time all the time. No one wants to spend time reading meaningless content to them. Instead of the amount of marketing content it’s the relevant content for the right target group that matters. When you target your content to the right people it can be very wanted communication. We have listed six tips for better targeting:

Why to segment?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to send the same marketing content to all of the customers? Yes, one of the biggest challenges in marketing is to recognize the differences between customers and separating customers to target groups based on the differences. Segmentation isn’t the word of the day for nothing though. When the right content meets the right customer the business is much more efficient and cost effective.
These days the customer should be at the core of the whole function of business. Targeted customer groups make the real understanding of customer possible and the customer understanding is the most important thing. When understanding the customer it’s easier to answer to his needs and this way to offer better and custom-made solutions for him. This leads to offering more value to the customer which hopefully leads to long lasting and profitable relationship. Insightful customer understanding gives the business a competitive advantage!

One step at a time

Segmenting is a long term process that builds up all the time. When defining the target groups it is important to know who do you want to target your marketing. There are many ways to separate your customers into groups and you need to come up with the best way for your company to do it. There is no right way when it comes to segmenting.
Anyways to get started with the segmenting process you can first divide your customers in clear groups. Dividing customers into prospects, current customers and former customers can make the big segmenting process clearer. Also an effective way to get started with segmenting is to first divide customers by the profitability, buying density or customer satisfaction. After the start it is easier to get deeper in the customer understanding.

Demography is not a segment

Segmenting customers by the residence, age, gender and marital status is a good way to segment. But two same age people living in the same area can be in a very different life situation and like very different things? Demografical facts are just a scratch of the surface when pursuing effective targeting of marketing. Psykografical segmenting take into account the interests, point of views and cultural identity of the customer. When these facts are also recognized it opens the door for a deeper customer understanding, which makes effective targeting of marketing possible.
Dare to try
The secret of segmenting is testing. Sending new content to customers is a great way to learn more about them by their reactions to the content. It’s always good to try!
The importance of measuring the results is highlighted when starting to target your content to different customer groups. In many companies it is very common that the sales people measure the outcome, but it’s important that the marketing department is also involved in the measuring process. Marketing and sales should work together towards the mutual goal.

Understand why

After dividing the customers into target groups the next step is to get to know each target group as well as possible. This means profiling the groups. Few psychology courses would help here. When you understand why customers behave the way they do it is also easier to target marketing to them. For example let’s say there is a situation where the customer is just not interested in the service or the product you are offering. In this situation it helps to find out why isn’t the customer interested. When you find out the reason why it’s easier to find a solution to the situation. The most important question during the buying process is WHY, and it is impossible to understand this if not knowing your customer.
Automation in segmenting
The help of marketing automation helps to find out what the customer really needs and this way lightens the segmenting process of the sales organization. By the help of automation the marketer learns piece by piece more about the customer and by customers activity the image of individual customers gets clearer. Automation also helps the process of sending content to the target croups.



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