Underdogs of marketing

It is very close to our heart, that in Finland we don’t do as good marketing as possible. Only minority of Finnish companies use marketing automation tools and only under 10% of SMes use marketing automation. Even though there are plenty of different marketing automation variations for different size and type of companies.

Digitalization and its impacts to consumer behavior is one of the biggest changes happening in marketing and sales. In B2C, market has reacted to the change and marketing is recuring fast. On the other hand the change has been too slow in B2B.

Marketing automation has taken baby steps in companies in Finland. In Finland, we are super innovative and we have great products and services- But sharpened, we are very bad in marketing. Why do we have to be underdogs in marketing?

The next 3 facts of marketing automation (2015) make our concern more clear:

  1. 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than 2 years. (Gleanster Report).
  2. More than half of B2B companies (55%) have adopted marketing automation. (The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats)
  3. Over two-thirds of top-performing SMes utilise automation: 68% of businesses ranked as "top performing" are using automation in their marketing strategies. This makes them seven times more likely to be using automation than the small business ranked as average. (Gleanster Report)



1. saves time from marketing by automating routine tasks
2. makes marketing more effective by automating marketing communications
3. improves marketing follow-up by identifying individual website visitors
4. increases customer interest in products and services little by little with help of automated drip campaigns, which send customers messages in different stages
5. identifies customer’s interest at the right time, and informs the sales about the customer as a warm lead


There is plenty of proof that marketing automation is efficient. B2B buyers are waiting longer and longer before they want to meet the sales person: even 60% of buying decision is made before meeting the sales person. They search information through web and they want sufficient content in the different stages of their buying cycle.

Marketing automation warms leads, recognizes potential customers and gives them to sales department on the perfect time. Closing deals is more likely to happen when a hot lead is contacted on the right time.

Marketing automation will be used in almost every B2B companies within few years. Forerunners are already taking advantage compared to their competitors. Those who are still considering starting automation, are leaving behind. Now it is perfect time to start marketing automation and avoid leaving behind from your competitors. All you need is initiative and will.

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