Why to use marketing automation? Top 5 reasons

You have quite possibly ran into the subject marketing automation, in different sources. It has made it’s way on to many ”2018 marketing trends”- lists. There is a lot of talk about this subject but do you know what you can actually accomplish with marketing automation? Here is a list of the TOP 5 benfetis of marketing automation.


1. Boost up and save time

Marketing automation is a tool which helps you to boost up your companys marketing. It automates the routine operations of marketing. With the help of marketing automation you can routinize several features of marketing and sales, and this way lighten your workload.


2. Identify potential customers

In the best case scenario, your companys websites are an efficient tool for customer service and lead generating. But who is visiting your website and what are they doing there? This is a question, that only marketing automation can answer. Automation makes it possible for you to identify your website visitors and you are able to see what they are acctually doing there.


3. Upgrade the customer experience

The idea of marketing automation isn’t to shove out as much content for as many people as possible. Vise versa, the goal is to create as targeted communication and content as possible to your customers and website visitors. The idea is to offer your website visitors content that helps them and their decision making in every step of the buying process. At it’s best, marketing automation is good customer service.


4. Warm leads for the sales to contact

Unfortunately marketing automation can’t transform a lead to customer – but it has made the lead finding quite easy. Automation constantly collects information about your website visitors and different actions on your website generate in to leadpoints for your visitors. When the leadpoints reach a certain level, the marketing automation takes the warm lead directly to the arms of the sales team to contact.


5. Visible outcome and analytics

Are you already measuring the results of your companys marketing? Marketing automation gives you visible results and interesting data of your marketing. You see all the results and analytics in realtime, which makes the efficient and constant developement possible.


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