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Secure your customer data into one shared place.

No one seems to know, when, how and who has last been in contact with the customer. Not to mention knowing what the customer has been promised. Well, hopefully at the cutomer's contact information is safe in an excel.. Don't say this sounds familiar? 

Even if the above-mentioned doesn't interfere with work yet, all hell may break loose at the latest when a top salesperson unexpectedly quits. Taking his notebooks and excels with him, the customer information of important customers will be forever lost.



Start using Vine CRM when:

- Customer data is not in shared use

- Customer data is fragmented and requires a lot of manual work

- Customer data is not in the company's possession

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With the help of Vine CRM you ensure all customer information stays in the company's possession. You keep all customer information up to date and easily accessible to everyone, in one shared place. You save time, lessen everyone's workload and minimize the risk of loosing valuable information.

•    Contact information and customer history data freely usable by everyone
•    Collecting timely customer information easy with email archiving and calendar management tools

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Share customer information

You save time and avoid unneccessary excels, when all customer information is timely accessible and updatable by everyone.

Manage customer promises

You know what has been done with customers and what has been promised to them. Most of all, you coordinate and ensure that the promises are kept.

Keep customer information safe

Important customer information won't espace from the company with changing sales and customer service employees, but will stay in the company's possession.





Secure your accounts, steer your
activities closer to your customers

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