Before Starting Vine Web

Choosing Web Browser

The latest officially released versions of the following browsers are recommended for use with Vine Web:

  • On a desktop PC: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • On Windows Mobile Devices / Pocket PCs: Internet Explorer Mobile

  • On iPad / iPhone Tablets: native browsers have limited support

  • On Android tablets and phones: native browsers and Opera Mobile have limited support

You can always check the latest information about the recommended and supported browsers in the Vine Web Release Notes.

Web Address

To be able to connect Vine objects are linked to each other by connections. Vine shows an object together with links to all objects directly connected to it. to Vine Web from your Web browser you need to get Vine Web's address (URL) from your Vine administrator. You can create a shortcut on your desktop or bookmark that address in your browser. After that, you can start Vine Web by clicking the shortcut or selecting the bookmark from the browser.

Please ask your Vine administrator about how you can log into Vine Web and what user account you should use. In some cases additional configuration of your browser might be needed.

Logging Out from Vine

To log out from Vine, you should select Quit from the  Menu at the top left corner of the Vine browser window.

Please note that in case of the Windows authentication, you have to close all browser windows to completely exit from Vine.