Calendar Views

Day(s) View

When you open the Calendar you will see its Day(s) view .The Day view is a table, which has columns corresponding to days and rows corresponding to time (in hours).

If needed, you can define day limits by specifying starting and ending hours for the day. To change the opening or closing hours of the day click the triangle sign of the first or of the last day cell, respectively. Choose hours from the pop-up list that will appear.

Month View

If you want to just scan the events you can use the Month view on the Month tab.

Month View shows events without their end times.

In the Month View you can move events from one day to another but you cannot change an event’s attributes directly in the view. If you want to change the duration or starting time of an event you have to open the event ( by double-clicking) or switch to the Day or Single Day View.

Single Day View

If some day on your Calendar has a very tight schedule, then you can best view the day’s events using the Single Day View. Click the day’s header to switch from the Detailed or Quick view to the Single Day View:

By clicking the day’s header you can switch from the Single Day View to the view you came from, i.e. the Day or Month view.

Timeline View

The Timeline view shows a visual distribution of objects' schedules over a horizontal time axis. Using the timeline view you can easily cross-match the events of several objects and thus quickly schedule a group meeting or evaluate the relative workloads of group members.

Events are presented as horizontal bars. Events of a zero length have a diamond shape. Events which do not have a start time set are not shown on the Timeline view.

The vertical red line shows the current time.

Initially, the Timeline view shows events of the period selected on the monthly calendar. If you want to make out the details of a short event, click the Zoom In icon. Alternatively, if you want to see more events of a longer period, click the Zoom Out icon.

You can move an event of a person to another time or change its duration. You cannot move events between object rows. If you want to connect an object to an event, drag the object on the event.

To create an event for an object drag over the event's time in the object's row.

To create an event for all objects, hold down the CTRL key + drag over the event's time.

Indicating Holidays

You can choose a country whose holidays you want to see on your Vine calendar:

  1. Select Show Settings from the main Menu.

  2. Select on the Calendar tab which holidays Vine should show.

Usually holidays which are days off are shown in red on the Calendar, but the administrator can set any holiday or other days so that they are shown in red color on the Calendar.

Colorized Events

Events, as well as any other objects, can have color codes assigned. Such events will be shown on the Calendar as follows:

Printing Calendar

To print the Calendar click the Print icon and setup the printing options. The calendar is printed out as it appears on the screen.