Data Exchange

In general, you can always exchange data between Vine and another Windows application using the Cut/Copy/Paste commands with the Windows Clipboard, or dragging data to and from Vine or copying data into an Excel file using the “Add to Excel” command for objects All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. shown in a table view.

Using Clipboard

The Windows Clipboard is a common tool for data exchange between separate applications. You can cut or copy information onto the Clipboard from the Vine shortcut menu or Edit menu and then paste it into another document or application. You can also paste the external data into Vine. If Cut, Copy or Paste command is grayed, it means that you currently cannot use this operation because there is either no source or target data available to be cut, copied or pasted.

In addition, you can use the Clipboard to copy data between Vine objects, though usually it is more convenient to use Vine internal tools. For example, use the Duplicate command from the shortcut menu, if you want to create an object similar to an existing one.

Dragging Data

Data can be dragged inside and outside Vine. For example:


Copying to Excel

  • To copy objects shown in a table view into Microsoft Excel:

  • Select and then right-click the selected objects and choose Add to Excel from the shortcut menu. This command works even if there is no Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. The exported data will be saved to a file in Excel format and can be used with, for example, OpenOffice, and Office 365.

  • Please note that if you already have an Excel workbook and you want to apply rules and calculations already present there then you should select Add to existing workbook.

To export questionnaire results into Microsoft Excel:

  • Open a questionnaire and click Export To Excel. The command will export questionnaire results for a specified time period to Excel to process the data there.