Running Vine

First time

When you run Vine for the first time, you have to correctly enter all login settings. Vine will connect Vine objects are linked to each other by connections. Vine shows an object together with links to all objects directly connected to it. to the server and create a local database Vine for Windows uses a local database located on your computer. It significantly reduces traffic to the server database and permits you to use Vine off-line..

You cannot start Vine first time without server connection.

Regular start

Once you have successfully started Vine it remembers your settings and does not ask for them in the subsequent runs. You only need to enter your password A secondary identification word associated with your username. Your password is used for data security and should be known only to you. Both you and the administrator can change your password.:


When starting, Vine will try to connect to the server but if the server is not available Vine will start offline and will reconnect as soon as the server becomes available.

If you need to change the settings, click the Fix button. This will create a new local database file.

Creating new local database with Single Sign On

Normally, there is no need to create a new local database manually as Vine will create a new one automatically if it gets broken. However there might be some rare cases when you need to create a new local database yourself. When Single-Sign-on is used you will not be able to click Fix as Vine logs you in automatically if you have already logged into your company’s Windows domain. In this case you need to use the Database Changer application (installed together with the Vine client for Windows). Please do the following:

  1. Close the Vine client for Windows.

  2. Start the Database Changer (Start->Programs->Vine->Database Changer).

  3. Clear Windows Login.

  4. Close Database Changer.

  5. Start Vine and click Fix.

  6. Enter your password and click OK.

Vine will create a new local database and update all plug-in files. It is recommended to wait for the synchronization to finish before using Vine again.

Remembering Password

You can configure Vine to remember the password and do not ask for it:

  1. Select Show Settings from the main top left menu.

  2. The Vine Settings dialog will appear.

  3. Select Remember password on the General tab.

  4. The Remember password option appears only if the administrator has allowed it.

  5. Click OK. Now when you start Vine, it will not ask you for the password.

  6. Clear that option if you want to enter the password or it has been changed by the administrator and you need to enter the new password to login to the server.

Changing Your Password

Initially, the Vine administrator assigns you a user name The name by which a user is known to the Vine Open Server. Every user name is associated with a password, and both must be entered to connect to the Vine Server database. and a password. After that, it is recommended that you periodically change your password.

The Change password command is not available if Microsoft domain authentication is used. Please change your password in Microsoft Windows.

  1. To change the password, open the Security tab:

  2. Click Change Password.

  3. Select Settings->Change password from the top-left Menu:

  4. Enter your old password and new password. Confirm the new password.

  5. Click Change. Your password will be changed.

Restoring Password

Restoring a password is only possible for Vine Service users. Other users will not see the restore link as well as the Security tab in the Vine Settings.

To be able to restore your password in the future:

  1. Select Show Settings from the main Menu.

  2. Select the Security tab and enter your email and mobile phone which should be used in case you forget your Vine password:

If you forget your password, click Forgot your password on the login dialog: