Send Email Tool


You can open the Send Email tool from:

Building and Sending Email

  • Select the people you want to send the email to from the To: list. The list includes the  ‘Customer Contact’ person connected to the service request and all employees of the ‘Customer’ company connected to the request.

  • Edit the Subject of your email. By default, it includes the Case ID of the service request and the name of the request. It is recommended to always keep this data in the subject.

  • Edit your email message body. Only text or simple html is allowed. It is not allowed to insert images or other objects All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. in the email body. Add additional objects as attachments, if needed.

  • To insert an image in the text: Use copy(CTRL-C) and paste(CTRL-V). You can copy and paste: an image, an image file, or even a path to an image.

  • The Message History includes the descriptions of connected events. Select the checkbox if you want to edit the message history. The message history will be added after the main body of your email and Knowledge Base Article links (if those will be added).

  • To add an attachment, click Add Attachment and locate the needed Vine document using the Find Attachments dialog:

Click New Attachment if you want to create a new document.

Select the needed documents and click Add.

  • To insert a Knowledge Base article link to the email, click Add KB Article and locate the needed Knowledgebase Article using the Find Knowledgebase Articles dialog:

Select the needed articles and click Add. Links to the added articles will be added right after the main body of your email. Please note that only articles with Published set to Yes can be located here.

To send the email click Send.

Your sent email will look approximately as follows:

Updating Service Request

Right after you have sent the email, Vine will ask if you want to update the service request:

If you want to edit the request click yes and the edit form of the request will open.

Creating Event

After you have sent a service request email, Vine will automatically create an event with the body of your email, and will connect it to the service request, the sent attachments, the people you sent email too and the responsible person.