About Vine Synchronizing Meetings and Appointments

Vine includes the following two types of sync for your events:

  • ActiveSync. Vine ActiveSync can synchronize your events in the Vine database with your appointments in Microsoft Exchange and Lotus-Domino groupware servers

  • Microsoft Office 365. This is a new much faster type of sync that copies your calendars between Vine and Microsoft Office 365 (Online Exchange).

Each type of sync compares your Microsoft Office (Lotus) and Vine calendars and brings them up-to-date with each other. For example:

  • Your Office appointments and all-day events are copied into Vine events and Vine ‘Responsible’ connections Vine objects are linked to each other by connections. Vine shows an object together with links to all objects directly connected to it. are created between you and the events.

  • Vine events and meetings you are connected to are transferred to your Office calendar as your appointments.

  • Office Calendar meetings are replicated into your Vine events. When Vine can match the meeting organizer and participants to Vine users (if their email addresses are the same in Vine and Office) then the meeting organizer person is connected to the replicated event as “Responsible” and meeting participants as “attendees”, respectively.

  • Office Calendar and Vine reminder settings are properly copied.

  • Private events are replicated into Office Calendar with the Private flag set and into Vine with Visibility set to "Self".

  • Untimed events copied from Vine as "free" and timed events copied as "busy" to the Office Calendar.

  • Events deleted for you in Office Calendar are disconnected from you in Vine.

  • Events disconnected from you (or deleted) in Vine are deleted in Office Calendar.

  • The following database settings additionally define which Vine events will be replicated:

    • Only event types selected for the replication at the step 9 of the System Setup Wizard.

    • Only events connected to users with "Attendee" and "Responsible"connection types.

Please note that when appointments have been changed simultaneously in Office and Vine, the ActiveSync and Office 365 replications work differently, ActiveSync considers the changes made in Vine of higher precedence and, therefore, keeps the Vine changes and discards the changes made in Office Calendar. Contrary to that, the Office 365 replication prioritizes Office changes over Vine changes, but Office 365 replication is much faster and conflicts are much less likely.