Using Address Service

You can use the Address Service if you have ordered it separately. (You can order it by contacting

The Address Service from Asiakastieto Oy which is integrated into Vine provides access to up-to-date data on tens of thousands of companies and key people. The service allows you to

  • Keep Vine persons and companies and their profile data automatically up-to-date with the latest information from the Address Service.

  • Search for companies and people in the Address Service using the Find by Name tool.

  • Load found companies and people to the Vine database and keep them in sync with the data in the service.

  • To search using the Address Service select Find From Address Service:

The objects All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case. found using the service will be listed In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list.:

The objects with the grey icons are the ones not yet loaded to the Vine database. Double-click a listed object to open it and load to the Vine database.