Viewing Object Panes in Table View Mode

Vine Web shows an object All information in Vine is stored in the server database as named objects of different types. Examples: a company, a person, an event, a sales case.'s data in several panes: a pane that shows the object itself and panes that show objects connected Vine objects are linked to each other by connections. Vine shows an object together with links to all objects directly connected to it. to the shown object.

You can open any pane in a special table view mode by clicking the pane's Enlarge icon Object panes have the Enlarge icon in the upper right corner. If you click the Enlarge icon, the pane will take up the whole view area and will switch to the Table view mode which permits to view the pane objects in full detail. Enlarge. In this mode you can freely browse listed In lists objects are represented by small icons and object names. Icons help you to recognize object types. Press a keyboard character (a letter or a digit) to jump to the list item that starts from this character. The first matching item will be chosen, counting from the top of the list. objects and their fields.

To return to the normal object view An object view shows object data. An icon in the upper left corner of the view reminds you of the type of the object. A view usually consists of several panes, with one pane showing the object's data and the other panes showing connected objects.ew click the Shrink icon If you are viewing an object's pane data in a table, you can switch back to the normal mode by clicking the Shrink icon in the upper right corner of the view. Shrink.

Objects of only one type are shown on a page in a table view. Select the needed page of objects from the Object type list at the bottom right of the table view:

The table view shows the number of listed objects in the top left corner.